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7 Tips To A Clean Bathtub

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If you are a fan of cleaning the bathroom regularly then you are certainly in the minority. Bathrooms really are quite a handful to keep clean so they are often ignored. Bathtubs that are left dirty soon become stained and unsightly. A dirty tub is no fun for anyone to bathe in, particularly for children or tired adults who want a relaxing hot soak at the end of a busy day.

So, how can you keep your tub clean and welcoming all the time? Try these seven simple tips to a clean bathtub and discover that it is not as hard as you might think and the rewards are definitely worth the effort.

7 Tips To A Clean Bathtub

1. Bleach It

To begin a new cleaning system it's a good idea to get your bathtub back to its original sparkling self and that can be difficult if the tub has been allowed to build up grime and dark rings. Although bleach is very harsh but sometimes it's the best way to start anew. Always read the label and be sure your tub can take heavy duty cleaning agent.

Remember when it comes to using chemicals you must follow the safety instructions such as wearing gloves, keeping the room well ventilated and avoiding contact with your clothes, skin and hair. With a thorough bleaching your bath could come up good as new and you're off to a fresh start.

2. Go Natural

Many people nowadays prefer to clean bathtubs using natural solutions. These can work wonders when you stick to a weekly cleaning routine where the build up is limited. One natural cleaning idea is to cut up citrus fruit such as an orange or lemon and dip it in some salt. This can then be used as a cheap and effective rubbing agent that will clean your tub without harming your health or the environment.

3. Got Stains

If you've come across what seems like impossible to budge stains even when resorting to bleach then it is time to consider using an erasing sponge. These magic erasers work wonders. Test an inconspicuous area first to see what affect the eraser has on your particular tub and if you're satisfied then go ahead and attack those stains.

Even if the eraser causes a little wear on the surface, it might be preferable to unsightly stains that draw the eye and ruin what should be your mini oasis to relax in. Magic erasers are best suited to smaller areas as opposed to an entire tub clean.

4. Proceed with Caution

If you have a relatively new bathtub you're likely to need non-abrasive cleaners. Nylon options available these days are a better choice as they lift dirt without damaging the tub's surface. Proceed with caution when choosing your cleaning products, as damaged bathtub surface can hardly be repaired.

5. Consistently Clean

A cleaning job, whether it's the bath, toilet, or floors, is always easier when there is not a lot of built up dirt to contend with. Although cleaning your bathtub is possibly one of your least favourite things, it will be so much easier if you stick to a consistent cleaning routine.

Make it a point to clean your tub once a week and a quick rinse after each use. Rinsing and a wipe over with an anti-bacterial wipe each time the tub is used will do wonders. Be consistent and you wil reap the benefits.

6. Fabulous Faucets

Don't forget about the faucets when it comes to maintaining the cleanliness of your bathtub. A shiny set of taps can make all the difference so give them plenty of cleaning attention too. A handy natural cleaning solution for taps is toothpaste. Avoid using toothpaste on taps with gold finishes or brass. Simply dot a little toothpaste around and then rub and buff to get a lovely shine.

7. Clutter Free

Finally, there is nothing more relaxing than a soak in a deep warm bath in a clean and tidy bathroom. Keeping your bathroom clutter free can work wonders in terms of sticking to your cleaning routine. When your bathroom is kept tidy it will keep you motivated to get the spray and wipe out every week so that the visual appeal and sense of clam in the bathroom is maintained.

Always hang up your towels and foot mats neatly after they've been used and take dirty clothes to the laundry basket before you leave the bathroom. Keep personal care items in the vanity when not in use for a clutter-free zone. When you do that you will enjoy a spotless bathroom and bathtub.

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