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7 Things To Throw Out Of Your Home Now!

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Every time you look at your house and find no space to accommodate anything, you must marvel at the amount of junk you collect over the years. Our house usually becomes a dumping yard of old and unused things and still we do not want to throw them away. But if you want a single line mantra to de-clutter your home, then there are few things to throw out of your home right away. No procrastination and excuses will work if you really wish to clean up your house. Here are some of the junks that we accumulate at home without our knowledge.

Things To Throw Out Of Your Home Today:

1. Old newspapers: If you actually get down on this, you'll probably have the entire archives of your daily newspaper stuffed under beds or behind shoe racks. Stop waiting to sell it at an old books store and dump it right now.

2. Used plastic bottles: We keep collecting useless and ugly plastic pet bottles of mineral water or cold drinks. We store these bottles thinking that we might need them on any day when we run out of bottles. Trust me, you will never reuse these. Just chuck it from the store room.

3. Outdated electronic appliances: Your first mobile phone, the head phones you used at high school or the video games you grew up with may be nostalgic memories for you. But, they are also junk and you need to discard them if you want to organise your home.

4. Old Greeting Cards And Letters: Do you have loads of space in your house? If your answer is no, then you will have to sacrifice useless stuffs even if your emotional values are attached with it. For example, the Valentine's Day card from your first boyfriend can be a memorable gift but other cards can be thrown in the dustbin.

5. Bills, Bounced Cheques and Shopping Lists:
Whenever we see an official looking document, we thing that it is something useful so, we store it. Most of these are outdated medical bills, 5 year old credit card statements and bounced cheques that you will never claim. So, just stop being paranoid and throw out these things to make some space in your drawers.

6. Expired Medicines: Many racks in your homes have huge medicine chests that are full of expired medications. We dutifully check the expiry date before popping a pill and put the old medicines back into the box. This will not do if you want to de-clutter your home.

7. Old Cosmetics And Toiletries: Huge shampoo bottles with a thin layer of shampoo at the bottom, tooth paste tubes that have been squeezed to the limit and dried up nail polish bottles are taking up shelf space. To organise your home, get rid of these obviously useless things.

Do you know of any other things to throw out of your home immediately?

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Story first published: Wednesday, May 2, 2012, 17:05 [IST]
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