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If there was an opinion poll question that asked which was your least favourite household chore then, organising your closet would surely get the maximum votes. We just hate to arrange our clothes over and over again because no matter how well you organise them, by the end of the week, that heap of clothes is back.

You need to organise your closet in such a way that it saves you those precious 15 minutes in the morning that you usually spend looking for clothes. Here are some tips that will help you clear the clutter in your wardrobe and keep it away at least for sometime.

7 Salient Tips For Organising Your Closet:

1. Clear The Clutter First: When you open your closet, all you can see is a mountain of dishelved clothes, there is no way you can fix it without clearing all the mess. You have to clear the clutter first. Take out all the clothes and start over again. This may take time but, it will save you lots of wastage of time for later.

2. A Fold In Time Saves Nine: Shoving clothes into the closet indiscriminately is not called organisation. You are wasting space and ruining your clothes. It is very important to fold clothes properly before arranging them on shelves. Folded clothes occupy less space on your closet shelves.

3. Prioritise Your Clothes: You need to arrange the clothes in terms of priority. There are some clothes that have gone out of fashion or you do not wear them regularly anymore; put them at the back end. Your regular office clothes and casuals should occupy the accessible space.

4. Divide And Rule: While organising your closet, you need to make sure that you do not dump all kinds of clothes together. If you keep your formal shirts with your beach wear, your closet will not be organised. And you will find neither formals not beach clothes when you need them. Use separate compartments to keep different kinds of clothes.

5. Put Drawers To Good Use: Drawers in your closet can be used to store your socks, under garments, handkerchiefs and other small garments that tend to get lost in the heap of larger clothes. It also ensures that you find these clothes and garments easily.

6. Do Not Stuff: You must use the space on your closet shelves efficiently but do not stuff it up. Let there be some space that demarcates two different piles of clothes.

7. Maintain Your Closet: After you have finished organising the closet, you need to maintain it too. Do not pull out clothes from the middle of a pile or else, the whole pile will collapse.

Keep your new and washed clothes over the already organised ones properly. That is the best way to keep your closet organised.

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