Natural Alternatives For Cleaning Your Home

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Natural Cleaning
Natural cleaning is always the best form of cleaning. You can dry your clothes in the dryer but they still look fresh only after sun drying. So when it comes to household cleaning, you can still go for natural alternatives to replace the synthetic ones. This has two advantages. The first is obvious; these are non toxic cleaners so it is good for your family and the environment in general. Secondly it saves your money. Just estimate the total amount you spend every month on buying synthetic cleaners and you will see how much you save by just using the stuff you have at home already.

Here are some of options for natural cleaning of different areas of your home.

Natural Cleaning Alternatives For Home:

1. The Clogged Drain: The very idea of clogged drains is accompanied by images of bubbling hydrochloric acid. No more of that. Mix baking soda with vinegar into a lethal mixture and pour it down your clogged drains. Leave it alone for 10 minutes to eat the slush away and then wash it down with hot water.

2. Grimy Oven: Your oven is the place that accumulates maximum greasy grime from your bakes and grills. But you need not clean it with poisonous commercial stuff when there are non toxic cleaners available in your home. It is best to keep chemicals out of your cooking area. Use lemon, the citrus juice is one of the best for natural cleaning of any kind. Take a piece of lemon and season it with salt, rub the interiors of the oven thoroughly and see it shine.

3. Moldy Walls: Again you will be sent to buy chemicals that will finally corrode the mold out of your walls. It is mush better to choose household cleaners that have an organic composition. Tea tree oil apart from it's many health benefits also has a few cleaning qualities. Mix 2 teaspoons of this lukewarm water and make a diluted mold cleaner solution. You can either spray it on the molds or soak a cloth in it and dab the molds.

4. Polishing Furniture Without Varnish: Varnish is the only know form of polish that can be used on your old furniture to make it shine like new again. We are just about give you alternative household cleaner that is natural and cost effective. Let your black tea go stone cold, then dip the duster in it and polish your furniture. It will make it shine like new.

5. Bleach With Burns: If you forget to wear gloves while bleaching your whites you will have bleach burns on your fingers. So much better to use non toxic cleaners like milk to bleach. Yes, you can soak your whites in milk or vinegar overnight and then wash them normally to get the bleached effect.

Try these home improvement tips use natural cleaning alternatives as opposed to harmful chemical ones at home.

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Story first published: Friday, February 17, 2012, 14:19 [IST]
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