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Expired Shampoos And Easy Home Cleaning!

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Expired Shampoo
There is no better training for homemakers than self experience. Expired shampoos, soaps and body wash can be tactically utilised for home cleaning purposes. There isn't a necessity to buy fabric conditioners or special cleaners as they too do a great job in keeping home shiny always.

It is also a best way to de-crap old shampoo products. The expired ones cannot be used on hair or body as they may irritate and cause skin problems. And they are quite expensive to discard. Today, we will discuss on how to use these expired shampoos for housekeeping and home cleaning purposes. Take a look.

Using Expired Shampoos, Body Wash And Soaps For Home – Cost Saving Tips

1. To keep your toilet commode clean and germ free, you can add the old and broken soap pieces into flush tank. Whenever you flush, the soapy water rinses the basin thoroughly, keeps it clean and smells good. A shampoo solution can clean your commode seat.

2. Your expired shampoos can be used to wash delicate lingerie, cotton/silk fabrics (like handkerchiefs, stole, scarves etc) and winter wear. The fabrics look clean, smell good and feel soft.

3. The expired body wash can be used to clean pets. Whenever you plan to wash your pet, the expired liquid wash eases your cleaning (gives lather immediately) and is also mild for pet skin.

4. Expired shampoos can also be used to clean silver utensils and jewellery. The not too reactive ingredients in soap make the jewels and silver articles shine without much effort.

5. For a bucket of water, you can add a sachet of shampoo and use to clean cars and bikes. Since the soapy water is liquid, it doesn't cause a scratch but will help in cleaning easily.

6. Even the cushion covers, silk upholstery can be washed with these expired soap products as it doesn't contain harsh chemicals and affect fabric. The fabric will also smell great and can be a better room freshener for home.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 18, 2012, 14:49 [IST]
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