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Ways To Make Bathroom Smell Fresh

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Every time a guest excuses himself or herself to use the bathroom, you get nervous that it might stink. No matter how clean we keep our bathroom, the smell it gives out is sometimes unwelcoming. You might have resorted to spraying air fresheners twice a day or lighting scented candles, but these chemicals can only hide the smell. To make your bathrooms smell fresh, you need to change the way you use your bathroom.

Here are some fundamental ways of ensuring that your bathroom smells good all day long.

Ways To Make Bathroom Smell Fresh

Ways To Make Bathroom Smell Fresh:

  • Dispose the garbage. Most of us keep a tiny dustbin in the bathroom to dispose tiny things like finished shampoo bottles, soap covers and toilet paper. However, unlike our kitchen waste, this dustbin is not cleared out everyday. Even if your bathroom waste basket does not have wet refuse, you must clean it at least once in two days. Any sort of garbage that is kept covered starts stinking.
  • Let your bathroom breathe. Whenever you are not using the bathroom, make sure that you open the windows or the shutters. The bathroom window or ventilator is shut most of the time thus building a pungent smell inside. That stuffy smell in your bathroom is due to lack of cross ventilation. Let some natural air come into the bathroom and it will smell fresh on its own.
  • Lid it up. Whenever you want to flush the toilet after using it, close the cover and then flush it. This does not allow the stink of your feces or urine to escape the toilet pot. You can also try switching on the exhaust fan in your bathroom for a few minutes after you use the toilet. If you do not have an exhaust fan, open the window or shutters.
  • Keep it dry. It is vitally important to keep your bathroom as dry as possible. Yes we know, you have to bath in the bathroom. But that does not mean that your bathroom should be soggy all day. Mop up the water on the floor and open up windows to let it dry quickly. If the bathroom is persistently wet, then it gives out a damp mouldy smell.
  • Citrus blast. Phenyl may help get rid of the stink in your bathroom but it smells quite medicinal itself. Lemon on the other side is a very natural way to beat the pungent smell. It is also a very powerful oxidising agent. So, use lime to clean your basins and toilet pots. It leaves your bathroom with a fresh citrus smell.

To keep your bathroom smelling good, try some of these tips. Do you do anything else to make your bathroom smell fresh?

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