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Tips On How To Clean And Dust Walls

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Clean Walls
Although there are top quality wall paints available in stores, dusting is only task that is needed for it's maintenance. The walls need cleaning as lot of fine dust from the windows and fan would accummalate on them and can cause severe dust infection. They may even get sticky with the dust and appear very dull. Which is why we shall discuss a few important tips on how to clean and dust walls. Take a look.

Tips On How To Clean And Dust Walls -

1. Dust Walls: Always start dusting walls from the ceiling to floor (top down) but while cleaning walls it is the other way as washing will result in excess dripping from top to down so cleaning from botton to up ids the correct way.

2. Before you start with the dusting and washing, get your floors empty. Remove all the furniture, carpets, mats as the dust on walls may fall on the furniture adding to the cleaning process even more.

3. Before yu start with the process, get eqipped with old clothes, a cap and gloves that will prevent dust falling on self. Discard the dirty old clothes.

4. After dusting the walls, sweep up the mess from floor then continue with wash and then swob the floor tiles in plain or mild detergent water.

5. Vacuum clean all the furniture, cushions and ceiling fans.

6. Use equipments like light weight aluminium ladders to clean the walls as safety comes first.

7. A vinyl eraser and salt paper can clean the wall stains as well as the fungal reaction.

8. If possible you can even paint walls with your favorite satin colors.

Hopefully, you got your answers on how to clean walls, be it dusting walls or washing walls.

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Story first published: Thursday, July 14, 2011, 15:24 [IST]
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