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7 Things At Home That Need Daily Cleaning

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Daily Cleaning
Are you the kind of homemaker who cleans once in a month or a week? You may be a busy working woman or a new homemaker, the rules for housekeeping remain the same. Some areas of your house need daily cleaning and if you can spare ten minutes of your time for them, then it saves you loads of mess for later. Working women usually tick off things on their house cleaning checklist weekly but that is not always the wisest thing to do.

Here are some housekeeping tips for places and things at home that need daily cleaning, so include them in your daily house cleaning checklist.

7 Things At Home That Need Daily Cleaning:

1. Dusting: Most homemakers shove this important task into their weekly list but we beg to differ. If you live in a city ridden with dust and pollution your home needs dusting everyday. Especially in tropical climates this is a must because doors and windows remain open due to heat and the dust settles easily causing a lot of allergies.

2. Electronic Appliances: How would you like to switch on you home theatre and find out that its CD drive has been clogged with dust. Use a feather duster to make a quick swipe on your expensive electronic appliances everyday. Your television, computer and music systems last longer if cleaned regularly.

3. Dishes: It is the most obvious thing at home that needs daily cleaning. You cannot store dirty dishes for more than 12 hours because they will stink and it is unhygienic to do so.

4. Dinning Table: You sit down to eat on it so you better give it due respect. There are bound to be curry stains or sauce spills that will harden over the week make cleaning difficult. Just a wet wipe is enough of getting rid of these raw stains.

5. Kitchen Sink: The place where you wash your food needs to be clean and the place you wash your dirty dishes is bound to get dirty. So include your kitchen sink in the house cleaning checklist for everyday.

6. Kitchen Slab and Oven: You need to wipe your kitchen slab and gas oven clean at the end of every day because that is where your food is cooked. Any leftover debris or spills will allow microbes to prosper and infect your food.

7. Bed: Your bed needs to be made every day. Even if you don't want to change the sheets give them a thorough dusting and straighten the wrinkles on it. Puff up the pillows and cushions and fold back the blanket so that you have a clean place to sleep peacefully. It is a part psychological and part sleep hygiene issue.

Only when Christmas cleaning comes do we rise up and shine but daily cleaning can save your time. Use these housekeeping tips to be well organised before hand this year.

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Story first published: Wednesday, December 7, 2011, 10:28 [IST]
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