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    7 Tips To Clean Up After Christmas!

    Clean Up After Christmas
    To clean up after any festival or party is a huge headache. Cleaning Christmas leftover is the biggest of these headaches because of the amount of decorations and also because they are expensive enough to be stored. You can't just pull it out and throw as it might be used in the coming years. For example, very few families dispose Christmas trees every year and buy new ones the coming year. Usually Christmas decorations are stored; the mistletoe, bells, wreaths etc are all reusable unlike simple paper streamers or balloons.

    Here are some ways to quickly clean up after Christmas and also store the useful things for next year.

    7 Tips To Clean Up After Christmas:

    1. Dismantle Christmas Tree: You need to dismantle the decorations of the Christmas tree part by part. Some of these will have to stored and others discarded. Things like streamers, glitter paper or paper stars will have to be thrown out because they would already be crumpled. Other like bells, stockings, ribbons can be stored for next year.

    2. Store Christmas Tree: There are different procedures to do this. If your Christmas tree is a real living one then you have to water it and care for like you do for your other garden plants. For artificial Christmas trees you have to wrap it up in cloth or paper and keep it in your store room. It should be necessarily covered to avoid dust accumulation.

    3. Throw Out Disposable Decorations: All the paper, cheap plastics and left over stuff like thermocol balls, cotton wool etc need to be gotten rid to clean up quickly after Christmas. It is almost impossible to store these Christmas decorations for the coming year so just wrench and throw.

    4. Pick out Christmas Decorations To Store: Save the ones that can be saved. Wreaths (provided they are not fresh holly), ribbons (untied and pressed flat) bells, danglers, ornaments, paper lanterns made beautifully etc are preservable; that is if you preserve them properly.

    5. Store Them in Boxes: You need to store these carefully in packing boxes and then store them in lofts and store rooms. For delicate objects like lanterns you need to make sure they are on top and not crushed by the weight of other things. Ornaments and other metal objects need to be separated by cotton or muslin cloth inside the boxes.

    6. Clean Kitchen Thoroughly: Your kitchen needs a thorough cleaning after Christmas cooking. Don't wait till new year because you will most probably go out on new years eve and who wants to begin the new year with cleaning!

    7. Sweep Up Trifles From The Floor: A lot of itsy bitsy stuff will be lying on the floor the best way to clean up is to dust all the furniture and fans to get out stuff stuck there and them sweep up the floor.

    Use these home improvement tips to clean up after Christmas in an organised way.

    Story first published: Tuesday, December 27, 2011, 12:54 [IST]
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