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Cleaning And Maintaining Artificial Flowers

For working couple, it is hard to maintain indoor gardens as they hardly get time to water and prune them. Also, the indoors cannot be without greenery and plants because it adds to positive atmosphere in the house. The best option that serves both the necessities are the artificial flowers.

The flower stalks with ferns look original, more brighter and beautiful. They are available in all colours and sizes. The flowers are made of plastic, wood and fabrics. Silk, velvet and satin are beautiful fabric flowers. They can be decorated in vases or baskets, placed in any corner of the house or on centre tables.

These artificial flowers are cheap, do not dry and always looked bloomed. Cleaning these flowers require some tips as they are delicately wound with a twine, the dyes used for petals may fade when washed in water, the shimmer and glitter may fall of as the glue effect is lost so apart from washing we suggest a few tips. Take a look.

Tips For Cleaning And Maintaining Artificial Flowers

1. If the flowers and ferns are plastic then they can be easily washed with water. Sundrying them after wash will make them as new as they were bought.

2. For fabric and wood flowers, you can use a duster or vacuum cleaner to remove all the dry dust. Carefully wiping the petals with a damp cloth or paper towels will clean them and make them look original.

3. Prefer reds, lavenders and maroon flowers as the dust isn't very visible and do not look faded even after years. Light coloured such as whites, yellows and pinks can be covered with a transparent plastic sheet. The sheet will prevent dust accumulation on flowers and can be replaced often. That a maintenance free, cost free solution!.

4. If the stalks are too long, do not bend them just to fit them into your old vases. Buy a long neck vase that can make the stalk look beautiful. The flowers without stalk (broken or damaged) can be arranged in a basket. The advantage of using baskets is that it hides all the minus points and highlights only the pluses.

5. To position the long stalks in vases, pebbles and fragrant salts can be used. A piece of sponge can also be used in the arrangement. Light or dark colored, crystal vases look very elegant and classy. Do not choose multicoloured vases as they draw all the attention towards them, the look of the flowers is also lost.

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Story first published: Thursday, December 1, 2011, 13:39 [IST]