10 Types Of Cactus To Grow At Home

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Do you classify cactus as thorny plants that grow in desserts? Then you are missing out golden opportunities to decorate your home with different types of cactus. You can grow cactus plants in very aesthetic ways inside your home. In fact, there are many types of cactus that are very well suited for decorative purposes. Take the pincushion cactus for example. When this flowering cactus is in full bloom, it is breathtaking to behold.

Moreover, it is very easy to grow cactus. Most types cactus are very low maintenance plants. They do not need to watered often. They love bright sun shine and are hardy when it comes to tolerating climatic conditions. Also, cactus are basically wild plants. As a matter of fact, it is the wild types of cactus that are most beautiful.

To grow cactus at home, you need some cuttings. Cactus plants mostly propagate vegetatively. The flowering cactus of course has a sensual way of propagation. Certain gigantic types of cactus like the Giant Saguaro can be cultivated as bonsais or restrained potted plants. The aesthetics that a cactus lends to your home is not comparable to any other houseplant.

Here are some types of cactus that make great plants for your home decor.


Pincushion Cactus

This delicate type of cactus has such silky thorns that it closely resembles a pincushion. They grow in clusters and need no looking after at all.


Beaver-tail Cactus

The pad like structure of this cactus resembles a beaver's tail. It grows in patches and produces very colourful flowers.


Ball Cactus

This interesting species of cactus are shaped like perfect round thorny balls. They grow in clusters and look great as decorative houseplants. These cactus doesn't like direct sunlight so keep then in partial shade.


Rainbow Hedgehog Cactus

They are the perfect houseplants due to their vibrantly coloured flowers. This cactus grows in clumps of oval shapes with the flowers on their head.


Fairy Castle or Cereus tetragonus

This cactus grows like a fairytale castle with some tall and some short towers. It is good as a fencing plant but can also be used as a potted plant.


Haworthia Cactus Zebra

This probably is the best cactus to grow indoors because it has high tolerance for low light conditions. The visual impact of its zebra crosses is a bonus.


Cereus peruvianus

This is rare variety of cactus that is not properly classified. However they grow quickly and flower without too much pampering.


Giant Saguaro

As the name rightly suggests, this is a very huge cactus plant. The branches of this cactus looks like outstretched arms. They make great corner plants owing to their size.



A lovely flowering cactus that grows in isolation. You can cultivate them in small pots where space is scarce.


Echinopsis chamaecereus

This is a cluster-forming cactus that flowers. The plant grows in tight coils that resemble a coiled snake.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 2, 2013, 15:16 [IST]
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