7 Basic Tools for Gardening

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Gardening Tools
Gardening tools make the fine difference between a amateur's garden and a professional's garden. If you want to take up gardening as a seriously productive hobby then you need to get some basic garden hand tools together. Digging with forks and watering with coffee mugs just won't do beyond a point. If your garden extends to include a lawn too then you will also need special lawn tools to tend to your natural green carpet.

Here are some basic gardening tools that you need to procure to make that shift to a truly professional garden.

7 Basic Tools For Gardening:

1. Spading Fork: It is the most important gardening tool for any gardener. It helps you turn the soil which is the base of any kind of gardening. A spading forks head looks like the dangerous pitchfork but it doesn't it is not as sharp or tall. Most garden shading forks come with a small maneuverable handle so that you can till the earth with it.

2. Shovels: Just digging is not enough work to start your garden. If you have to lay out plantation beds then you have to scoop out soil according to the special needs of the plant. To do these kind of specialised work in the garden you need a garden hand tool called shovel.

3. Hoe: You need not go for the typical hoe attached to the back of a plough. You can go for a more modern and compact one. Many might think that hoe is an outdated and useless garden tool but only an experienced gardener knows that weeding (that is what the hoe is used) is an irreplaceable task.

4. Ground Rake: It is a very useful tool that helps you do an important task in gardening; leveling. You are done ploughing up the soil, nourishing it and then sowing the seeds but you also have to put the earth back on to the seeds and do so firmly. If the soil on the seed is loose then it won't implant properly.

5. Garden Shears: You cannot be chopping of unruly shoots with your kitchen scissors forever. As the size of your garden increases you will have to get a pair of garden shears to keep your plants & shrubs well pruned. Start with an average size and slowly get a few pairs of different sizes.

6. Watering Can: They are of various types to do different jobs. Just splashing or pouring water over your garden plants is not a very advisable manner of watering. You need a watering can with a sprinkler for a nozzle.

7. Lawn Mover: You need not have an electronic lawn tool that is a semi tractor but a garden hand tool, lawn mover is must if you intend to have a lawn. You must mow your lawn once in 2 week; twice in the growing season to keep it well groomed.

Use these gardening tips to choose the right gardening tools.

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Story first published: Monday, December 12, 2011, 15:24 [IST]
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