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Make Balconies Beautiful, With Creepers

By Devaki

Plants always make us happy, cool and relaxed. The balconies of our house may be too hot or windy but we can convert them to a place where great nature stops. Balconies may sometimes be small, but we can watch the little spaces come alive by converting them green and flowering.

Creepers are the better options for either small or large balconies. If there is no enough sunlight in the balcony, get in a selection of creepers which thrive in shades. Otherwise, there is a large variety of sun lovers, available in the nurseries.

It does not require a special knowledge in gardening or great deals of equipments to convert the balconies shed with the flowering creepers. Creepers always takes a very short period to brighten up those little corners with greenery.

The selection range of creepers available is very huge. Vines, which are generally sun lovers, provide growing greenery and beautiful blooms with aroma, with in a short period of time. Virginia creeper, Jasmine, Bougainvilleas, English Ivy, etc are some of the most liked creepers. Nepal Trumpet flower, Bread flowers, Scarlet Morning Glory, Cypress Vine, Cardial, Scarlet Clock, Black-eyed Susan, etc are only a few among the Vines Category. Guards and peas are also very ornamental for the house balconies.

If the balcony is too small, plant three or four different kinds of creepers in a rectangular clay tray or pots. A wide variety of beautiful containers are available in our nurseries.

Give the creepers proper support, by placing sturdy wooden sticks, frames or grids into the soil. Use bamboos, ropes or thin fibers to provide the crisscrossing trellis. It is important to secure the creepers firmly in to the place, using thin threads. Water them properly. These minor efforts will definitely provide a splash of lush green to your balconies.

Story first published: Wednesday, March 17, 2010, 16:23 [IST]
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