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Happy Gudi Padwa! Decorate Your Home For The Maharashtrian New Year With These Ideas

Gudi Padwa marks the beginning of the new year in the Hindu calendar. Also known as Ugadi in Karnataka, in Maharashtra it is known as Gudi Padwa. It also denotes the arrival of spring with the reaping of Rabi crops. It is believed that Gudi Padwa is the day Lord Rama was crowned the king of Ayodhya after returning from 14 years of exile. Hence, it is an auspicious day in India for all those who celebrate for various reasons in various styles. People are seen cleaning their homes, decorating the entrance with rangoli and wearing ethnic clothes as a celebratory mark. It is a festival that invites prosperity and good luck to the home by warding off evil.

Along with the above mentioned traditional rituals, uplift your home with a few easy Gudi Padwa home decor ideas.

1. Hoist a Gudi

It is believed that hoisting a Gudi at home can bring luck and prosperity to your life. This traditional flag is made from colourful silk-scarf-like cloth tied on top of the bamboo stick. Garland of flowers as well as neem and mango leaves are tied to the stick which is then capped with a silver, copper or bronze "kalash".

2. Rangoli and Traditional Floor Art

Rangoli symbolizes new beginnings that make it an important part of Gudi Padwa celebrations. Draw colourful patterns outside your entrance door, near the lobby space or Pooja area with intricate stencils and organic colours. Get creative by decorating your rangoli with flower petals, leaves and coloured sand.

3. Gudi Padwa Home Decor with Toran and Flowers

A toran is a garland of flowers hung on top of the door and is considered to be an auspicious sign. They are hung with the intention to welcome the guests by keeping the negative energy at a bay. You can create a floral and mango leaf toran by arranging the flowers alternatively in one thread. You can also make your own handmade toran by using upcycle old papers, faux flowers, beads and stonework.

4. Light Up Your Home with Lamps and Fixtures

Decorate your home with lamps in ethnic patterns or elegant floor lights to give a perfect festive look. Enhance your home's ambience by installing dimmer light fixtures. You can light up diyas and tea lights in special nooks and open shelves. Paint your decorative jar bottles and set fairy lights in them to light up your study desk and tabletop.

5. Decorate Your Pooja Room

It is ideal to begin Gudi Padwa celebrations with chanting prayers in your at-home temple by offering flowers to the deity. It is vital to clean the Pooja room and polish the idols, as the day is followed with many rituals. You can decorate your Pooja room with hanging toran, lighting diyas, brass temple bells and colourful rangoli designs. Use a vintage wooden or metal tray to arrange the sweets you prepared as holy offerings.

6. Invest in Festive Fabrics and Accent Pieces

Give a fresh festive look by replacing your bedspreads, cushion covers, curtains and table runners. Opt for colourful and vibrant prints that help complement the space ambience. Upgrade your upholstery and add decorative accents like ethnic Indian planter pots, wind chimes and terracotta sculptures to your decor. Spruce up your dining table with decorative flowers in pretty vases, sparkling cutlery and metallic serve ware to enjoy a good family meal.

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Happy Gudi Padwa!