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Latest Decoration Tips For This Christmas

By: Debdatta Mazumder

As soon as the wintry breeze starts to blow, people throughout the world start preparing for the biggest festival, Christmas. We are going to help you decide on the ways to decorate your house this Christmas, in this article. Read along.

Throughout the world, people prepare to welcome Santa Clause and children get more than happy and feel excited during this time. Christmas is all about happiness, joy, fun and many more things.

This is the time when you share love and happiness with your family and friends and spread love to one and all who are deprived of these emotions throughout the year. It is also the time to decorate your house with some amazing christmas decoration tricks!

Have you planned to decorate your house this year? On Christmas, your house decoration should be warm and welcoming. So, here are top 7 ways to decorate your house this Christmas, do take a look.


1. Go For Designer Centerpieces:

If you want to make your Christmas decoration simple yet elegant, go for designer centerpieces on your center table. You can use glass bottles for that. Paint those in red, green and white colours and add golden beads on them. Tie ribbons at the neck and you can also stick paper-made horns to the bottles to give them the image of Santa's reindeer.


2. Christmas Ornaments:

You can buy these, but making at home is something different. Engage your kids into these and they'll have great fun for sure. You can use papers, glitters, ribbons and many more things to make these ornaments. Make little decorations and hang them on the Christmas tree.


3. Decorate Your Fire Place:

Decorate your fire place with wreaths and boughs and other decorative items. You can even choose real orange or lemon boughs to give your house a completely natural touch. This will not only look adorable, but the aroma will make your house look more pleasing and welcome.


4. Fill Your House With A Nice Aroma:

Whenever your guests come to your house on Christmas, they will feel the warmth and happiness of Christmas if you welcome them with a nice aroma. Yes, it can be of the fresh baked fruit cake. But, you can put on a kettle on oven and let orange flowers and clove boil in the water. The fragrance you will have will directly take you to the North Pole.


5. Decorate Your Front Door:

Your Christmas decoration can be the most welcoming one if you decorate the entrance with flowers, wreaths, garlands, etc. Use green ferns to decorate the pillars and hang golden and red balls from them. You can decorate with fairy lights also to give a fairytale-like feeling.


6. Decorate Your Table:

Christmas means a get-together which ends up in a lavish dinner. You should give personalized touch on preparing your table for great grand Christmas dinner. Use white linens to cover the table and chairs. Also, use red and golden Christmas balls and flowers to decorate. Don't forget to light aromatic candles to create a romantic atmosphere.


7. Decorate Your Ceiling:

Ways to decorate your house this Christmas won't be complete without this. You can use Christmas balls to the fullest to decorate your ceiling. Take Christmas ornaments and hang those from the ceiling. You can also hang wind chimes with a nice glittery effect and when those ring, it can truly sound enchanting.

These are the superb Christmas decoration ideas you can try this year. Share happiness and spread love to everyone and pray to Lord Jesus to keep you on the right track in the coming year. Wish you all a very Happy Christmas!

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Story first published: Thursday, December 8, 2016, 13:15 [IST]
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