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Ways To Give Your Home A Monsoon Makeover

By Pooja Kaushal

When it rains, the earth gets a good wash. However, at the same time, the skies are always overcast and the sun is not seen for days together. This makes the atmosphere a bit dull. How do you perk up your life and make it bright? Try home makeovers to give a splash of change and excitement in your life.

Stepping out of home can become a bit painful and difficult during the monsoon months. A day or two is ok but when it goes on for days together, the grey clouds and wet surroundings start dampening your spirits.


This can have an effect on your efficiency and general behaviour as well. Do not let the damp weather dampen your life. Keep it in high spirits with a changed décor in monsoons.

Home makeovers should help you keep your house safe from water related hazards. While planning to give home makeovers during the monsoon season, there are different factors to be kept in mind. Try out some of the given tips here to bring a change in your house’s weather.

Essential oil lamps: When there is water everywhere, the air becomes very musty. At times, it becomes necessary to keep doors and windows closed to keep the rains out. This adds on to the dampness and stuffiness. Try placing essential oil lamps at home. Choose your fragrance as per you desire and have a pleasant smelling home.

Bright coloured upholstery: To give home makeover and compensate for the dullness outside, bring some colour inside. Go for shades like orange and yellow that are also warm and comforting. This could be in the form of your upholstery, linen as well as different accessories at home. Put away all light colours as they may tend to get dirty too soon.

Plants: The beauty of plants cannot be doubted but monsoon is not the time to have them indoors. During these wet months, they may tend to attract insects. Place them out in the open and let them get watered naturally. If you do want plants indoors, go for some artificial ones for these couple of months.

Umbrella catcher: When it rains, the umbrellas do come out. They are essential in the rains. But when stepping indoors, they need to be kept at the door. If not, there will be water dripping across the house. Not only does this become messy but also carries the risk of someone slipping on it.

Entrance care: Whether you live in an apartment or bungalow, take the décor in monsoons to the entrance of the house. Good absorbent door mats are required, one outside the door and one inside. Every effort needs to be taken to trap all water accompanying us from the roads at the entrance itself. This is one way to keep the house safe from diseases.

Checking leakages: Along with the décor in monsoons, the safety factors too need to be tended to. Check all electrical wiring and appliances to avoid any kind of accident. If you have a terrace or roof, check thoroughly for any kind of water seepage or leakage. When you begin to give home makeovers for the monsoons, keep this on your priority list as it is best done before the rains come.

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Story first published: Sunday, September 7, 2014, 21:01 [IST]
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