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Tips To Make Your Home Look Spacious

By: Sindhu Bharadwaj
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A spacious home is a reflection of a clutter-free environment. It also speaks of a well-planned & organised rules and also about circulating air & light. A spacious home is also believed to circulate positive energy. Most of our homes are filled with a whole lot of things that are usually unwanted and lies unused. The best way to make your home look spacious is by carefully selecting the things that can be well utilised in the house.

So, here are few tips on how to make your home look spacious-

Tips To Make Your Home Look Spacious

Choose the right kind of furniture- Using foldable, reusable and multi-purpose furniture is in trend. Bulky and more number of furniture can eat up the space. Look for simple and elegant furniture that fits just right and still leaves space in your living and bedroom.

Racks and shelves- Try to accommodate or design a rack in such a way that your TV, home theater system, cd's, dvd's and books fit into the same shelf. This will help save a lot of space and consolidates everything at one place.

Colour- Choosing right colour for the walls plays a pivotal role in making the rooms looks extra spacious. If you have a small living room try painting the walls in pale colours such as cream, caramel, pista green or white.

Lighting- The more natural light your house gets the brighter and spacious it looks. It also saves up on your electricity bill.

Patio space- You can move some of your furniture to the patio and save some space in the house. This makes for good tea-time hang out place.

Drawers and cupboards- Make sure you have extra utility space in your drawer or wardrobe to fit enough clothes, shoes, jewellery, cutlery etc. This will avoid you from buying or creating extra spaces just for placing these items.

Pantry- A large pantry for the kitchen can be a blessing in disguise as this will help store your dry grocery and other kitchen utensils in them. For example, you could store all your extra grocery like lentils, onion, spices and even dining ware in the pantry if it is large enough to stock them.

Keep it simple and minimum- Make sure you have things as little as you want. More the material, more the clutter, dust and space. If you buy more and more show pieces, souvenirs, lamps, side tables, end tables, center tables it will only consume more space making your house look miserably congested. Buy only what is required and keep it as simple as possible. A simple home reflects elegance and positive vibe.

Magazines and newspapers- The pile of magazines and newspapers can be annoying. Recycle or dispose them if you are not using them.

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Story first published: Saturday, March 30, 2013, 6:32 [IST]
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