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Diwali 2019: Colourful Diyas That You Can Use For Decorating Your Home

By Staff

Diyas are an inseparable part of Diwali. Be it for decor or Puja purpose, these are widely lit across the house to spread light and brightness. For people who don't know, Diyas are the handmade earthen lamps that are lit using oil or ghee. This year Diwali will be celebrated on 27 October.

The diyas are considered holy and hold a special spiritual significance for Diwali celebrations. The legend goes that when Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana, the people welcomed their victorious king by lighting up oil lamps.

Diyas are lit in every corner of the house during Diwali to ward off evil spirits and welcome the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi in the home. Earlier, we used to use plain brown coloured diyas. However, the art of designing and painting diyas have evolved over the years. These days you can find different varieties of diyas which looks bright and stylish for decorations as well.

If you have plain diyas at home, you can either decorate and colour them for place them at home during Diwali. Otherwise, just buy some creatively designed diyas from the market. Here are some of the decorative and colourful diyas that you can use for Diwali decorations. Take a look.

Colourful Diyas For Diwali Decorations


Green Painted Diya

The bright diya is painted in green. The yellow and pink paint on it makes it look all the more colourful.


Plain Diyas

If you do not wish to use colours in your Puja room, then you can opt for the plain brown coloured diyas.


Betel Leaf Shaped Diya

The plain dark brown coloured diya is shaped like a betel leaf which makes it look simple and holy. Betel leaves hold a holy significance so, try this design.


Conch Sheel Diya

It is a well-designed conch shell designed diya which can be decorated for Diwali. Conch is also considered holy in Hinduism so the design will look good for Puja room decorations this Diwali.


Joined Diya

Two-mouthed diyas are designed together which means there will be more light and brightness.


Colourful Diya

It is one of the diyas that can be used for Diwali decorations. The bright colours and vertical lines on the diya gives an LED effect.


Lakshmi Ganesha Diya

As Diwali is about worshipping Ganesha and Lakshmi, you can buy diyas with Their faces on them.


Lotus Diya

The diya looks like a blooming lotus. It has a small round diya on the centre which can be filled with oil and lit.


Multi-Faced Diya

It is one of the innovative diya designs which is perfect for Diwali. You can put baatis on the five flower shaped sides of the same diya!


Ganesha Diya

The light brown coloured diya has Ganesha's face on the top which looks beautiful.


The 5-in-1 Diya

This is another colourful and creative diya design for Diwali decorations. It is a big diya which can be placed as a centre-piece.


Rangoli Diya

Rangoli is one of the basic decorations for Diwali. You can use colourful diyas to decorate rangoli for Diwali.


Pot Shaped Diyas

These are different colourful pot shaped diyas for Diwali. Decorations with these pot shaped diyas can be really bright and lively.


Swastika Diya

Saathiya or Swastika is a holy Hindu symbol. This diya with a sathiya design is colourful and shimmering too! Perfect for Diwali decorations.


Painted Diyas

These are colourful diyas which have been painted all over to look bright and pretty. These colourful diyas can be used for rangoli decorations.

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