Tricoloured Home For Independence Day!

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Independence Day in India is a very special occasion. Usually, we see tricoloured flags hanging outside homes on this day. But this Independence Day, you could do something special with your home. Instead of hoisting a flag like every year, do up your home with the colours of the flag. This may not need you to make too many permanent changes to your home.

Here are some ideas to put together a special Indian home decor in the tricolours. It is just about getting a perfect combination of orange, white and green in your home for India's special Independence Day this year.

Tricolour Home

Ideas To Go Tricolour For Independence Day:

Get Some Greenery: People rarely paint their walls green. Personally, I am not very fond of green curtains or carpets. But green is an integral part of the tricolours. So how do we get green into the picture? Simple, with greenery or literally plants. Bring some lush green potted plants into your house and space them out properly to give a flag-like effect.

White Washed Walls: White or cream is the most common colour used to paint walls. So, the white in the flag is taken care of without any special efforts from you. As an added bonus, you apply some fresh white wash on your walls.

Bright Orange Couch: You know what is a rage these days? A bright orange leather or swede couch. Orange is a very vibrant monsoon colour and it is ruling the roost in most of the home and decor magazines. So if orange is the colour of the season, you can get an orange couch or sofa set to make your home decor Indian for Independence Day. If you do not want to spend so much, invest in an orange bean bag!

Curtains & Cushions: Curtains, cushion covers and table linen are the easiest way to change the look and feel of your home. Do not change all the three into white or green or orange. Use a proportionate combination. For example, orange cushions will look great on white couch. Same goes for green table mats on a traditional white table cloth.

The Highlighted Wall: Having one brightly coloured wall in your home to accentuate the other lightly coloured walls is a big fashion trend these days. Fortunately for you, bright fiery orange that you need is really hot on the fashion scene now. You will see it in many homes. There is no harm in having a highlighted green wall if you choose a decent shade of green. You can also have an orange wall with green highlights if you want.

These ideas will help you bring the tricolours into your home for Independence Day. Which of these ideas would you like to try?

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