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Storage Furniture For Small Homes

When you consider furniture for storage, then it does not always have to be cupboards and cabinets. In our modern small homes, furniture serves more purpose than just one. Most often, we do not have space to spare for huge cupboards. Building too many wall cabinets eat up the space in the room. But, we still have to store thing while we decorate our small apartments appropriately.

Thus, the new concept of storage furniture is to have things that has dual purposes. Furniture that has a space within to store things is the preferred choice to decorate apartments. Check out your choices for saving space while decorating a small home.

Storage Furniture For Small Homes:

1. Box Beds: This is not a new trend. Bed that are boxed out from within have been in use for quite a few decades. But now, it is the need of the hour. The pressing demand for this kind of furniture has brought many new innovations into the traditional box bed. You now have the hydraulic method to lift the bedstead up and use the space within. It is ideal for storing quilts, pillows, bed linen and more.

2, Hydraulic Tables: The technology of hydraulic lifts is not restricted to just beds. You can also use it for your tables. You can create storage space by lifting the table top of a writing table. This storage furniture can store all your important files and documents. The same technology when applied to centre tables gives you space to keep old newspapers and magazines.

3. Chest: A nicely polished chest looks like an antique or a wooden shoe piece from outside. But, it very useful for storing small tit bits like silk handkerchiefs, old coins, dry flowers, books and even expensive jewelery. The ideal place of this furniture would be in the living room. It could occupy an insignificant corner and make it special.

4. Glass Shelves: Most of the bathrooms have no cabinets. In that case, you can use glass shelves to store the necessary toiletries. These glass shelves are directly attached to the wall using pins. So, it doesn't take much space of the room like cabinets do. It is handy to keep your expensive bath refineries on these.

Storage furniture is no longer a singular concept; a lot of thought has gone into adapting the furniture for apartments. The huge steel cupboards that almost every home had, are replaced by sleeker furniture. Do you know of any other furniture for small homes?

Story first published: Monday, June 18, 2012, 10:43 [IST]
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