Pohela Boishakh: Spring Decor For Your Home

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Pohela Boishakh is not just the Bengali new year, it is a celebration of the onset of spring. 'Boishakh' means the season of spring. 'Pohela' indicates that it is the 'first' official day of spring. The season of spring is associated with ripe crops and pleasant weather. So, the home decorating ideas you pick should also reflect the mood of nature around you.

Home Decorating Ideas For Pohela Boishakh:

1. Alpana: The traditional Bengali art form of making white designs on the floor is your safest bet for any occasion. Alpana is a type of rangoli where a paste of rice is used instead of colours. An authentic alpana is stark white in colour. The traditional designs work through a system of leaves and flowers. It is a decoration that is used to welcome all auspicious things to your home.

2. Earthen Pots: There is particular variety of earthen pots that are made specially in rural Bengal. These pots are called 'pora mati' or burnt earth pots. These pots symbolise the art and culture of Bengal. They are not only beautifully crafted but, also very useful. It is customary to serve desserts in this pot because the smell of the burnt earth enhances the taste of the sweets. These earthen vessels can be a good choice when it comes to crockery for the occasion of Bengali new year.

3. The 'Kash' Flower: The closest English synonym for this flower is Kans grass. As the name indicates, it is a type of grass that spouts flowers. The Kash flower blossoms around the time of Pohela Boishakh and you can see vast stretches of land in the countryside teaming with this flower. Give a touch of spring to your house with the Kash flowers. You cannot weave them into a garland but, they will surely look great in your flower pot.

4. Katha-Stitched Fabrics: 'Katha' stitch is a kind of complex cross stitch and is a traditional art in Bengal. This kind of thread work can be done on bed covers, pillow cases and table covers. If you have old sarees that are katha-stitched, then you can probably pick them to make new curtains or cushion covers for this new year. The purpose of this home decorating idea is to bring in that special conventional touch for a festival decoration. As it is an Indian harvest festival you can use a smattering of yellow in your home decor.

Pohela Boishakh is a great way to welcome spring to your house. So, get in the mood to enjoy this fresh spring with these simple decoration tips.

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Story first published: Wednesday, April 11, 2012, 16:47 [IST]
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