A-Z Of Decorating An 'L'-Shaped Room

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L Shaped Room
We are all too concerned about what to put in our rooms; did you ever bother about what shape your room is before you started decorating? For example if you have an l shaped room then you are lucky because it is the most versatile shape for any purpose. If you can decorate your room according to layout then it will conserve space which is scarce these days.

Here are some of things that can be done with a L-shaped room.

How To Do Up A L-Shaped Room?

1. Drawing Cum Dinning Space: The room shape we are discussing is the classic shape to make a dinning cum drawing room comfortably. Most homes these days do not have a separate dinning room like old times. What they have instead is a all purpose hall. If that hall is in L-shape then you can easily cordon off the lower end of the L as the dinning space. It offers the seclusion needed when people come over and you are eating.

2. Bed Room With A Dressing Area: If your bedroom is in the L shape then too you can put it to good use. So you can convert the angled out are into a dressing room. Put a wooden or cane partition and decorate with a full length mirror so that you can dress to your best here.

3. Pooja Room: Most Indian homes have the concept of the pooja room or a shrine like place of worship within the house. Most modern homes do not have the provision for this and you can use the room layout to get the right kind of place of worship. Cordon off the lower part of the L and keep the images of your deity there to pray in peace.

4. Kids Play Area: Kids dirty their room by scattering toys and anything else that they can find. So what can you do to restore some semblance of order? Mark off the angular lower end of the room as the play area and let them keep their mess restricted to that place. This way they will not leave their droppings on the bed or your other furniture in the room.

5. Attached Study: An L shaped room can give you the rare luxury of having a quite reading spot in the privacy of your home. You can convert the lower end of the room to a study where you keep all your bookshelves and a recliner to relax and read.

6. Mini Parlour Or Bar: The shape of your room can make it an advantageous living room if you like to entertain. You can covert the angled out 'L' as the parlour where you display your collection of liqueur. You can easily hide it off when you have 'serious' guests.

Use these home decorating ideas to to make the best possible use of your L shaped room.

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Story first published: Monday, January 9, 2012, 16:03 [IST]
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