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Desk Ideas For Kids Room

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All parents want their children to fare well in their exams. But the main problem with children is their lack of concentration. It becomes really difficult for them to sit in one place for long and study. So why not give your kids an interesting desk that would inspire them to study. Decorate your kids room with some of these unique desk ideas to bring a smile on your child's face.

Different Shaped Desk Tops- Decorate your kids room with different shaped kids' desk. For example you can give them a desk that looks like a sunflower or chocolate bars on the top. You may even make them a closed book rack beneath the kids' desk in the shape of a house. Such kinds of playful motifs attracts a child and they show more interest to sit and study in a place.

Kids Desk

Colours- Well nothing can attract the child's attention more than bright colours. Paint your kids desk in colours like yellow or orange. According to colour therapy these colours help in improving concentration. Get some desk ideas from your kids also. See what colour they like and paint the desk in the colour they choose. Also do not forget to do the same thing with their chairs. You may even try creating some floral patterns on the desk with colours.

Toys- Decorate your kid's room and desk with some stuffed toys. The study table is the worst place on earth for your child. So why not make it a bit interesting? Place some toy pen stands on your kid's desk. You may also keep one or two small teddy bears on the table. Say that their teddy bears would watch them study. Use these desk ideas to create a change in your children's dull and monotonous world.

Blackboard- Attach a blackboard on the top of your kid's desk and give them some chalks. Believe me, all kids find blackboards very fascinating. They love to act as teachers and will end up studying in the process. You may also simply place it on the study table so that they do not have any difficulty reaching in it.

Side Drawers- Make a provision for side drawers in your kid's desk from where they can easily keep their belongings. Place some chocolates in them regularly. But do not go with dull and monotonous types of drawers. Make it in the shape of an apple or orange and colour it likewise. Decorate your kid's room and desk to give them the best of everything.

Use these ideas to decorate your kid's desk and see how his/her inclination to studies changes in a positive way.

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