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Street Shopping Ideas For Home - Choosing Upholstery

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Street Shopping
Ask the teenage shopoholics and they would suggest street shopping as their major stress busters. They get good deals through bargains and a lot of things can be bought with less money. Art and handicrafts are available in too many only with street sellers. We may be very brand conscious while choosing home upholstery and accessories but to make our house a home, these simple street shopped items work most. Take a look for more.

Street Shopping Ideas For Home

1. Aquarium Fillers – Decorative marbles, colourful junk jewellery, pebbles can be used to add colour to the glass bowls. They can be showpieces in the living room (on centre or corner tables) as well as in the dining area.

2. Beautifully Painted Pots And Bowls – The terracotta (clay) pots are generally painted with ethnic designs. These pots can be used to place potted plants. They will look very beautiful and modest.

3. Paintings And Embroideries – The piece of cloth on which a beautiful painting is done can be framed on walls. The artistic home decorating items bring class and royal look to home.

4. Carved Wooden/ Metallic Bells And Chimes – For a homely atmosphere, the soft sound of chimes and bells make you feel relaxed so buying them and decorating the entrance with these hangings look pretty and pleasant.

5. Hand Woven Upholstery – Carpets, mats, bed spreads and curtains can (for a change) decorate your windows. They are cotton or silk fabrics available in any colour you want. Simply stitch them according your window length and furniture length. Try to mix and match with your old home upholstery.

6. Other Home Decorating Items – The beautifully handmade candles are no less lampshades for your sofa side tables. Simple carved toys can fill the shelves, showcases and tables.

To get the gypsy look to your house, you can utilise these street shopping ideas. Colourful upholstery for furniture and floor make your home looked filled and full of life. Even children will learn to appreciate the hard work of an artist through these decor items.

Another good reason to choose home upholstery in street shops is that you will be helping and encouraging the local artists whose life depend on these creative stuff unlike the branded sellers. 

Story first published: Tuesday, January 10, 2012, 10:52 [IST]
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