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Give Your Home A Makeover This Diwali

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If you ask anyone if they are completely happy with the décor of their house, they would say 'no'. We all like to give our homes a makeover every now and then. But few factors like disturbance caused by the renovations and cost holds us back. But since Diwali celebrations are just round the corner, don't hold yourself back anymore. Diwali is one time of the year when you can give your home a complete makeover.

It is part of our tradition to paint and repair the house before we begin Diwali celebrations. This year, instead of doing the same old painting, lets do something different. For instance, get yourself a modern kitchen. Modern modular kitchens are very convenient and support green cooking. This will be a very useful home makeover for the lady of the house.

The next most basic necessity for your home is the bathroom. Bathrooms usually need renovations because they are constantly eroded by water. So this Diwali replace all old stuff in your bathroom and get yourself a luxury bathtub or capsule shower.

Most of the Diwali celebrations will take place in your living room. Also, your family is bound spend a majority of their time in this part of your home. So it is very important to add a touch of elegance to your living room.

Just like you lavish your love on your kids, lavish their bedroom with some really cool accessories. All the festivities of Diwali will mean much more to your kids if you implement these bedroom ideas for them. Don't ignore your own bedroom either. You too deserve the comfort of a cozy bedroom.

Here are some really basic ideas to help you revamp your home without going through too much trouble.


The Living Room

Tiles and mosaic are out. Wood paneling the floors is the latest trend. Match the colour of your couch with the flour and add a bight coloured lampshade to make things interesting.


The Sit Out

Need a space just for yourself? Keep a recliner in one of the cozy corners of your living room. Add a coffee table and a rug to demarcate your personal space.


A Modern Kitchen

Get yourself the latest kitchen technology. Install a cooking oven with chimney and lots of cabinets.


The Kid's Bedroom

Your kids deserve much above the same boring room. Brighten it up with accessories, colourful bed covers and cushions. Get your kid a smart study table to ensure he/she have a comfortable place to study.


The Guest Room

Surprise your guests for Diwali by being creative with your guest room. Keep the bed and side table simple but tasteful. You can splurge on the wall art and lampshades instead.


The Master Bedroom

Winter is on, so redo your quilts. Patchy quilt covers are really 'in'. Colourful mosaic patterned lampshades go very well with this Boho look.



If you want a basic makeover, change the tiles of your bathroom. Get yourself a good quality mirror and some high end bath fittings. And if you are in the mood to splurge, add a luxury bathtub or shower.

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Story first published: Wednesday, November 7, 2012, 12:10 [IST]
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