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7 Steps To Make Hanging Aquarium

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Hanging Aquarium
Keeping an aquarium is a rewarding hobby. Well lets get out of the conventional types and go creative about it. What about a hanging aquarium at your home? But making an aquarium isn't that easy thing to do. To make an aquarium one needs quite a piece of engineering skills and dedication.

Sometimes you might have been very impressed with some huge aquarium at someone's place where you were recently invited. It's your turn to impress now. You can use small fish bowls to make a chain of hanging aquariums. Trust me it will give your house the look that you have never even imagined of.

The process to make an aquarium is very easy and you just need a few things to make a hanging aquarium at your home. You can hang it in the corners of your house or the corridor. Here is the detailed procedure to make a hanging aquarium at home.

Steps To Make One Chain Of Hanging Aquarium:

Step 1: Buy 3 small or medium sized fish bowls and clean them properly. You also need to purchase some iron strings, 3 flat strong hay stands, 1-2 metres of muslin cloth, some stone beads, adhesive, a big needle, a hook and some colourful aquarium stones.

Also buy some freshwater fish like Angelfish, Kissing Gourami, Bettas etc.

Step 2: Next make three holes on the hay stands keeping equal gap between each. This is for passing the iron strings through them. Decorate the hay stands according to your taste. Apply adhesive on the hay stands and wrap it up with a muslin cloth. You may choose the colour of the muslin cloth according to your preferences. Now stick it with stone beads in order to make the hay stands look all the more attractive.

Step 3: Now cut the iron strings of the desirable length with a metal cutter. Pass the strings through the holes in the hay stand through all three. Knot up the iron string at the and of each of the three stands. You now have the basic requirement for your hanging aquarium ready.

Step 4: Place the bottom of all the fish bowls with the colourful stones that you have purchased. Now fill ¾th of all the three fish bowls with fresh water.

Put the fish inside the water now.

Step 5: The most important part to make an aquarium at home lies here. Hook up the loose top ends of the aquarium hanger to the wall. Complete the task by gently placing each fish bowl over the hay stands in the hanger. Your hanging aquarium is now ready to be showcased.

Step 6: As this aquarium at your home is of hanging nature, you obviously cannot provide lights inside the fish bowls. Hence take care to ensure that the place where you keep this aquarium has enough lighting in its surroundings.

Step 7: Maintaining something is even more difficult than creating it. Remember your fish needs food regularly. Do not forget to feed your fish every day and keep the aquarium clean. Once you make an aquarium, you have to maintain it.

Make an aquarium as such in your home and see how you can improve your home decor at a low expense.

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Story first published: Thursday, June 21, 2012, 14:39 [IST]
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