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12 Diya Designs To Dazzle You This Diwali

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The entire concept of Diwali was born from diyas. It is needless to say but just for the records, Diyas are a type of handmade earthen lamps that are lit up with oil. The legend goes that when Lord Rama came back to Ayodhya after defeating the demon king Ravana, the people welcomed their victorious king by lighting up oil lamps.

The tradition is continued till today. Families light up their homes with diyas on Diwali to ward off evil spirits and welcome the Goddess of wealth, Lakshmi to their house. But over the years, the art of diya making has evolved. Now a days, you get diyas with the most intricate work on them. These oil lamps are mostly handmade and thus the delicacy of the work can sometimes take you by surprise.

This year too, a wide variety of diyas has made their way into the market. Not only are these diyas exquisite in design, they are also quite affordable. The diyas range from a price of Rs 5 to Rs 100 and trust me, they are totally worth the money. You can choose from brightly painted diyas to lovely stain glass diyas for Diwali this year. The choices are just never ending.

To help you select diyas for Diwali, Boldsky has picked 12 diya designs that are innovative and quite compelling. Take your pick now!


The Rose Petal Diya

This clay diya is crafted like a rose with its petals opening up.


The Heart Shaped Diya

Simple, precise and astonishingly cute, this diya could have been a Valentine's day gift had it not been for the swastika in it!


The Conch Shell Diya

This diya is crafted like an elegant conch shell.


The Olive Branch Diya

These are twin diyas. The two diyas are branching out from what appears to be a stem and some tiny leaves.


The Ganesha Diya

Lord Ganesha has great significance on Diwali and thus, he has been crafted into this diya intricately.


The Bird's Nest Diya

These diyas are basically designed to be lit outdoors. Their unique covered structure prevents them from getting blown out.


The Colour Conch Shell Diya

This diya too is shaped as a conch shell but it is bigger and beautifully painted.


Feast To The Eyes Diya

We do not know what to call this diya but it is a feast to the eyes with all the colours of the rainbow in it!


The Lakshmi Ganesh Diya

The faces of Lakshmi and Ganesh, the two main deities for Diwali, are sculpted into this gold plated diya.


The Lotus Diya

This diya is shaped like a blooming lotus flower.


The Multi-Diya

Want your diya to have multiple flames? Try this diya then.


Stained Glass Diyas

The innovation of the season are these quaint little stained glass diyas. You can save them up till Christmas and use them as scented candles.

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Story first published: Friday, November 9, 2012, 12:57 [IST]
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