8 Wreaths Designs For This Chrismas

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Wreaths are standard part of the Christmas decorations. In almost every home, store or public place, these Christmas wreaths are used for decoration. Actually, wreaths are pagan or pre-Christian in origin. It was handed down from the Greek and Roman civilisations. However, wreaths have always been associated with the month of December. It was used to celebrate the shortest day of the year. The Greeks used it as a sign of victory; that why the winners of the Olympic games are still crowned with wreaths.

But in the modern sense, a Christmas wreath signifies a sense of welcoming. We welcome the spirit of Christmas into our hearts, we welcome guests into our homes and Santa into our chimneys by doing wreath decorations. The wreath is also a perfect circle, with no beginning or end. The holly wreath is the most traditional and common one. It represents eternal life because it is green at the peak of winter.

Apart from holly wreaths, there are many other types of Christmas wreaths these days. Moreover, wreath decoration isn't exactly rocket science. It is something you can string up yourself. So, all you need are some simple ideas to make different types of Christmas wreaths.

To help your home stand out this Christmas, here are some really novel wreath decoration ideas to get you started.


The Candle Wreath

This is a normal holly wreath decorated with red ribbon and cherries. But the highlights of this wreath are the bright red candles.


The Green Stems Wreath

This wreath has been made by twisting a lot of green stems of plants and tying them together with a red ribbon. You can add pine needles and cherries for giving special effects.


The Simple Bow Wreath

This is the most minimalistic wreath you can make in a hurry. Just add a huge red velvet bow to the green holly wreath and you are done.


Red Riding Hood Wreath

This wreath is made with cherries, red bougainvillea flowers and tiny pine needles. The red effect is really striking.


The Berry Wreath

This wreath is made with tiny red berries. It is voluminous and pretty.


The Nest Wreath

This wreath has been woven with straw like a bird's nest. It can then been adorned with spices.


The Pine Wreath

This wreath has been neatly strung together with pine needles. It is then accentuated with stars.


The Lemon Cinnamon Wreath

How about making a wreath that you can eat after Christmas? This one is made with slices of lemon and cinnamon sticks.

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