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Christmas is bound to be the most celebrated season of the year! This is a time when most of us are in party mood. Christmas parties are the most fun part of this season. But, organising a Christmas party is not a game. Many of us wish to make the Christmas parties the most memorable and cherished party of the year.

So, if you are throwing a Christmas party this year then make it the most cherished one. You can make it the most memorable event by adding a theme to it. A Christmas themed party is very engaging and fun. It gives your guests a chance to participate actively in your Christmas party. So, here are a few party themes that you can adopt this Christmas.

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1. Cookie exchange: In parties it is generally seen that the host doesn't enjoy much because he/she gets tired after doing all the party preparation. So, here comes the cookie exchange theme. This theme party involves everyone who is in your guest list. Here, you guests bring the foods like cookies, cakes, snacks etc. along with them and then everyone enjoy these appetizers brought by all the guests. But before you organise this cookie exchange Christmas party, you need to list the guests in advance and check with them their availability & item they are getting. This party will be fun to organise. Everyone will be the host in this type of party.

2. Tree-decorating party: Tree decorating party is ideal if your guest list is small. As working together is always fun therefore this tree decorating party works well with a small group. In tree decorating party you can ask your guests to decorate the Christmas tree. It would be fun and interesting when everyone works to decorate the tree and it would be even more fun when your Christmas tree gets decorated by your family and friends.

3. Holiday movie party: Holiday movie party is also a very popular Christmas theme party. If you and your folks are someone whose whole idea of party is relaxation, then holiday movie party is just perfect for you. You can decorate up your party areas with balloons, streamers and flowers. And can place LCD or a plasma TV in the party area. You can now play some classic movies which are your all time favourites. Enjoying a movie along with your friends will add more fun to your Christmas party.

4. Naughty Christmas party: If you want to spice up Christmas party this year then try Naughty Christmas theme. This Christmas theme party suits best when you are organising a party in a day time. For this theme, you need to decorate the Christmas tree with leis, sun and sand inspired sculpture, seashells and other beach items. You can also decorate the party areas with umbrellas, glasses, relaxing chairs etc. You can also include games like Hawaiian shirt contest or a beach party dance. Kabobs, coconut dishes, hot cocoa and cookies are few appetisers that you can include in this themed party.

5. Gift-wrapping party: Christmas is a season of giving and taking. So, gift wrapping party can add more fun to your Christmas mood. Ask your guests to secretly bring unwrapped presents. For this gift wrapping party you need to provide gift wrapping papers, gifts bags, ribbons etc and some free space to wrap gifts. When the party kicks in, ask your guests to wrap their gifts without writing the name on the gifts. Later you can exchange these gifts with your guests and ask them to open them. It would be fun seeing who gets what. Decorations can be simple. A light dinner afterward is a great way to unwind after a busy activity of wrapping.

So, which Christmas party theme will you choose?

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