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Ways To Make Your Home Yellow For Baisakhi!

By Super

Baisakhi is a vibrant festival celebrated in North India. This festival is about the auspicious symbols that celebrate nature's bounty.

Ideas for decorating your home to welcome this new year is definitely what you are looking for. The yellow colour is deeply associated with this festival. Yellow literally symbolises good harvests.

So, here are some ways to make your home reflect the true colours of Baisakhi.

Ways To Add Yellow To Your Home:

1. Hanging Yellow Drapes: If a session of repainting your house is not in your budget, then take the short cut to get yellow. You can buy new curtains to decorate your house for the new year.

You can use old sarees and dupattas to make bright curtains. This is the best way to add yellow colour to your house this Baisakhi.

2. Cushions And Table Covers: The same logic applies to cushion covers and table linen too. You can either make your own or buy new ones to re-touch the colour scheme of your home.

Traditional cushion covers with mirrors and beads are ideal for decorating your home this Baisakhi.

3. Yellow Flowers: Flowers are an intrinsic element for decorating home on any festival. They are affordable and fragrant tools to make your house look bright and beautiful.

Fill your home with various shades of yellow flowers on this day. The colour and the fragrance together will set the festive mood.

4. Rangoli: Whenever it comes to adding colour to your life, we can rely on rangoli. Rangoli is a kind of floor design made with powdered colours. It is usually made outside the entrance of your house or in the porch. Let your rangoli designs have a dominance of yellow and its various shades.

You can use these special home decorating ideas to paint your house yellow on Baisakhi.

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