Are Mirrors At Home Good For Vastu?

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Mirrors Good For Vastu?
Have you ever seen a home without mirrors? Almost all homes have mirrors as a part of interior decoration. Mirrors indeed are beautiful objects that we use everyday out of habit. So it is not surprising to see mirrors as decor in our homes but it is also a sort of necessity for us. We use mirrors almost unconsciously to dress up or just casually see our reflection. While we use mirrors as house decorating ideas it is prudent to ask this question; are mirrors good for our houses?

This topic is widely debated and yet there is no consensus on it. There are various superstitions related to mirrors that suggest we need to be careful about using mirrors as decor. Mirrors are most often not associated with good luck or auspiciousness. If you want to follow Vastu rules for decorating your home then there are certain Vastu related mirror superstitions you need to know.

  • Breaking a mirror brings bad luck for seven year. Be very careful where you place mirrors in your home. 
  • If you are angry or crying and you look into the mirror, it reflects the evil inside you. Psychologically this a is a valid point. Avoid lining all your corridors with mirrors. It might look good but gives a slightly creepy feeling when you are alone. This illusion of our reflection always walking with you is generally considered inauspicious.
  • If you are sick and you look into the mirror then it is fatal invitation to Death. Although it may sound exaggerated but this saying is again related to our mind. When we see our face weakened by illness then it has a demoralizing effect on us. It is better not to keep a mirror at home where you are bound to look into even when you don't want to. 
  • If look into the mirror first thing in the morning, then it brings bad luck for the day. This is because according to Vastu, mirrors reflect our most hidden fears. If we stare at mirror fresh from sleep with our last dream still on our mind it might not be a pretty sight.

Good Places To Put Mirrors For Vastu:

  • Mirrors at home should be placed by the side of your bed in the bedroom. This is supposed to bring good luck to a married couple or even other wise to people in general. Keep your dressing table or mirror attached to shelves next to the bed and not in front of it. 
  • Every bathroom must have a mirror. Not only because of Vastu rules but out of necessity. You need to see yourself properly to be able scrub well and maintain personal hygiene. If you have a bathtub then have a mirror fit into the wall nearest to it. You also have a mirror in front of the wash basin

Mirrors at home give the illusion of a glass decor which is aesthetic but mirrors judiciously for generating positive energy at home.

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Story first published: Friday, August 5, 2011, 16:45 [IST]
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