Let It Snow!: Christmas Decoration Ideas

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Christmas Snow Decoration
In Asian continent like middle east and far east, it is not snowing during Christmas. But kids will love snowflake themes as they are nice and remind Santa Claus. Snow themes look cool, sparkle in the dark and add a good dimension to the interiors. The lights, furniture and wallpapers can be themed with the artificial snow decor. Today, we will discuss about Christmas snow decoration that can make your house look like a virtual snow land. Take a look for more.

Christmas Snow Decoration Ideas
1. Colour Combinations – To start with, you need to finalise on colours. The white, silver, blue and red colours symbolise snow decoration. Purchase stuff matching with the colour theme and plan decorations accordingly.

2. The wallpaper can have snow star, snowman and santa claus designs. Even stripes and criss cross patterns of the colours look beautiful and elegant. One of the advantages of choosing stripes is you can preserve the wallpaper for long (even after festival).

3. Cotton can used to show fake snow and the thermocol balls can be spread all over for the effect. The tree can have red, silver white ornaments and snow stars. Pearl strings can drape the tree. Crystal balls can also be articles on your fireplace or book shelves.

4. A single dimension snowman can be made with thermocol and placed at the entrance. The white candle sticks can be the centerpiece on table. The red Poinsettia flowers and pine cones can fill colours for the wreath, window drapes and Christmas snow decoration.

5. A sledge decorated with gifts, Reindeers and a Santa Claus can be the main attraction in the living room. You can fill thermocol balls, paper cuttings and cotton into balloons and burst it when your guests or kids come home.

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