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Dress Your Living Room

By Suparna Chakaraborthy

Living room, is where you welcome your honoured guests. A place for social gathering. This room is the introductory room of the house. Thus, it should be very well decorated. The decoration should be such that your guest feel comfortable and relaxed to settle down for a conversation. Previously, the living room decoration was restricted to seating arrangements but with the course of time, a lot of innovations have come into practice. Lets look at some ideas to dress your living room -

1.Seating Arrangement – The seating arrangement should be for at least six people. The kind of furniture depends on the space available. If it is a cosy corner of your house, then it is best to avoid sofa's and instead include rod iron chairs or low wooden chairs. The center table should not be very big and is best if it is made of glass. Instead of painting a wall bright, attach a big designer mirror. This will make the room look big.

But if you are blessed with a spacious living room, then your furniture can include one decorative big wooden sofa, with two smaller ones beside it and if needed two more sleek chairs. You can paint one wall in bright colour, contrasting the colours of the other walls, to make the room feel cosy. Throw some pillows or cushions of varied shades to add dash of colours to the room and make it look cheerful.

2.Lights – Lights play a very important part in the decor of the place. For a small room, it is best to stick to ceiling lights. These lights provide uniform lighting, thus leaving no dark corners. The brightness of the light should be uniform.

For a bigger room, a medium size chandelier, should be hanged at the center with other four ceiling lights. At bigger rooms the chances of dark corners are more. The light of the chandelier should not be too bright. Layer lighting is best for bigger rooms.

3.Decorate The Walls – Generally, the walls should be painted in light colours. According to the new trend of interior decoration, the bright coloured wall can be used to make a family collage and the center wall can be dressed with wall art. This makes your interior decoration look unique and beautiful. The wall art should be minimal and it is best to use contrasting pastel colours, to maintain the relaxed approach of the room.

4.Windows – Windows are a must. It is best to have big windows with glass panes. For a small room, light material single coloured curtains should be. A small room should be kept as simple as possible. The colours should match the colour of the walls.

For a bigger room, the decorative heavy curtains can be put on the both sides, whereas the center can be clad with light white curtains. This will add emphasis to the beautiful windows. There should also be a seating arrangement near the window, to add on to the beauty.

5.Flooring And Carpets – Flooring is best if it is dark in colour, like wooden flooring. This highlights the different colours used in decorating the room and maintains the informal mood. Carpets should be restricted to the seating area, until it is winters. If the colours of the room is bold, then carpet should be light in colour. If your walls are light in colour, then your carpet should break the monotony with bright colour. It is best to have patterned carpets.

So, go ahead and dress you living room in the best possible way to make a visit to your house memorable for a lifetime.

Story first published: Thursday, October 21, 2010, 14:28 [IST]
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