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6 Reasons Why Soup Is The Best Winter Food!

Winter months not only affect your mornings and the way you dress, but it also impacts your body as a whole. Winter changes your food preferences, metabolism, and energy levels drastically [1]. You may feel the need to skip the gym in favour of eating or drinking a warm drink. You are not alone in experiencing this.

This does not mean, however, that you should do nothing and wait until summer to begin living your healthiest life. Winterizing your diet is the key to staying healthy in winter - and what better than SOUP?

Reasons Why Soup Is The Best Winter Food!

On a cold winter day, what could be better than a piping-hot bowl of soup? When it comes to soup in the winter, there are many reasons why it's the perfect food. There is nothing better than a bowl of hot soup on a cold winter day. In this article, we will explore six reasons why soup is a great food in the winter.

Reason 1: Enhances immunity

During winter, soup can boost your immune system. Your body's defence mechanisms need extra help when illness is going around, and temperatures are low. It contains zinc, a mineral that helps the body repair itself and restores damaged tissue. However, more than broth, soups have ingredients that boost your immunity. During cold winter months, add soups high in vitamin C, like broccoli, spinach, or potatoes, to boost your immunity and protect against pathogens [2][3].

Reason 2: Relieves cold symptoms

For colds and respiratory infections, soup, particularly chicken soup, has been recommended. The broth and ingredients in soup determine how much they help in alleviating cold symptoms. In addition to delivering nourishment to sick people when their appetite is low, soups also contain many nutrients [4].

A hot chicken soup can clear nasal passages and increase mucus flow. Chicken broth can reduce inflammation. In addition to helping sinuses, soup is considered comfort food for many people when they're sick.

Reason 3: Keeps you hydrated

Even if it's cold out, your body still needs certain levels of water to function. If you don't pay attention to your water intake, you can become dehydrated even in the winter.

Water or foods that contain water can replenish your fluid levels. One of those is soup, which contains a lot of water and helps your body retain it [5].

Broth-based soups contain sodium, which causes your body to hold water longer, which helps you stay hydrated without drinking water all the time. You can add vegetables and protein to your broth-based soup for a balanced meal.

Reason 4: Keeps you satiated

A bowl of soup can keep your weight under control and keep you feeling full for a long time.

In contrast to unblended meals, soup keeps hunger at bay longer. The hormone ghrelin lets your body know when your stomach is empty, but if you eat blended foods like soup, the process slows down. The appetite responds to a full stomach, which soup does. Studies suggest soup can last up to an hour and a half longer than solid food [6][7].

Reason 5: Source of fruits and vegetables

At least five servings of fruits and vegetables a day can be filled with vegetable soup. Compared to raw vegetables, cooked vegetables can provide more nutrients, such as carrots, which produce more beta-carotene and cooked tomatoes, which contain more lycopene, which promotes healthy bones.

Reason 6: Protein source

Protein-rich foods such as beef, chicken, and turkey make tasty soups. Shrimp is a great protein for seafood soups. Vegetarians can benefit from protein-rich soups. Many leafy greens like spinach have a surprising amount of protein in them. Legumes are also an excellent source of protein and iron [8].

Story first published: Friday, December 9, 2022, 22:56 [IST]
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