Meditation Improves Women's Sexual Life Along With Mental Health, Study Reveals

The essence of meditation has always been appreciated and praised by one and all. Meditation can show ample benefits in one's life, which also includes the improvement of a woman's sexual life and mental health. Meditation has several therapeutic effects on a human's mind and body. It has been performed by many to lower their stress and anxiety levels.

Going by what is claimed by scientific literature, mindfulness meditation can improve a woman's sex life and mental health. It has been observed through various studies that women who meditate report improved sexual functioning along with high levels of sexual desire and satisfaction.

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Why Meditate?

It has been proven and also as stated in the "Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy" that meditation provides better sexual functioning and also much better arousal when compared to those who do not meditate.

What Is Mindfulness Meditation?

The main idea behind meditation to improve one's sex life and mental health is to let go of self-judgmental and anxious thoughts, especially if such thoughts run through a woman's mind when she has sexual intercourse. Studies have found that mindfulness meditation can prevent such thoughts from being part of a woman's mindset, and instead actually lets her feel the sexual stimuli. Mindfulness meditation teaches and trains you to bring your thoughts into the present moment.

Associating Meditation With Better Sexual Functionality

When a study was conducted on women aged between 19 and 70, the real answers to the benefits of meditation in terms of sexual health improvement were obtained. Women who had meditated in the past reported way better scores in terms of their sexual function, unlike the ones who had never meditated. Not just the sexual functionality, but meditation has also shown vast improvements when talking about overall feminine sexual life comprising better arousal, improved orgasm, enhanced lubrication and deep desire.

Sex Life And Meditation

When around 451 women were observed and studied, by author Brotto and her colleague, according to the data provided in the "Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy", it was reported that women who meditated showed better scores when talking about measures of interoceptive awareness, which is the attentiveness to the internal body sensations. Better scores were also observed for trait mindfulness, which refers to a human being's average mindfulness.

However, the study conducted on these 451 women also had a few drawbacks, which questioned its results. The reports from the study failed to provide details on the duration of meditation. It still remains unanswered as to how long a woman will need to meditate to observe a better sexual functionality. It also does not touch upon the points mentioning the frequency of meditations.

Mental Well-Being Through Meditation

The most significant predictor for better sexual function and desire in women who meditate regularly has been said to be one's mood. This implies that improvements in mood linked to meditation lead to better sexual life in women.

Meditation, as we all know, relaxes and soothes the brain and mind. It is said to improve a person's mental health and in turn shows positive effects on the sex life of women. It has been said that women who tend to face sexual difficulties can achieve good results through meditation, irrespective of the frequency of meditation.

Not just women, men can also benefit through meditation and improve their sexual life, especially if one is facing sexual performance difficulties.

Author of "Better Sex Through Mindfulness", Lori A. Brotto, says that mindfulness intervention that are short-term when given in formats such as 4-session or 8-session has shown significant improvements in a woman's sexual functionality and sexual satisfaction.

The author also went on to mention the limitation with the study. It was said that the study conducted was cross-sectional in nature. It made explorations based on the links between meditation and different aspects of sexual life in woman. However, the direction of causation was not determined.

This meant that it was not found whether the improved sexual drive was the result of their long-term meditation or was it the other way round where women who possessed a better sexual functionality actually meditated more. Nevertheless, the study was able to conclude that improved mental health through meditation can eventually lead to better sexual functionality.

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    Story first published: Thursday, March 29, 2018, 15:30 [IST]
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