You'll Never Share Your Beauty Products Again After Reading This!

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It is high time that you stop sharing your makeup products with others. You're risking your own health with this act and it's better you get rid of this habit before it's too late.

There are several dangers of sharing makeup and this article deals with just that. Sharing makeup can spread disease. Not just one disease, but several kind of diseases. It is better to be wary of these dangers before you continue to share your makeup essentials.

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If you're still doubtful about the problems that can occur due to sharing of makeup, then read this. The tools that you use for makeup glide across the popped zits or flaky skin or chapped lips. Then, the tool touches the makeup product as well during repeated application.

The dangers of sharing lipstick are also plenty. The moist environment of a lipstick makes it a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria to thrive. This facilitates the transfer of bacteria or infections from a person to person, if shared.

Read further in order to know more about the dangers of sharing lipsticks and other makeup essentials.


1. Cold Sores:

Cold sores and fever blisters can be easily transmitted through the oral secretions that are left behind on the lips stick/gloss/balm. Sometimes, it may also lead to a contagious skin condition.


2. Fever:

Viruses or bacteria in the mouth can be transferred to the makeup tool like a roller ball or squeeze tube. Using fingers without washing to scoop out your cream can transfer the bacteria from the environment into the product, thus also making you fall ill at times with fever.

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3. Conjunctivitis:

This is one of the top dangers of sharing makeup. The risk of contracting conjunctivitis is quite high in the case of sharing eye makeup. This leads to the pink eye condition.


4. Yeast And Bacterial Infections:

Eyelashes and eyelids can carry yeast, bacteria and viruses. These can be grown in the eye makeup tube and be transferred to the next user as well, causing several infections.

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5. Breakouts:

Makeup sponges usually become damp and hence facilitate the growth of bacteria in them. If you're prone to breakouts, then it is best to replace the sponges often and also not share it with others.


6. Swapping Of Dead Skin Cells And Oils:

By sharing cleansing brushes, you'll end up getting sebum, bacteria from the previous user's skin. Think about this, you do not share your toothbrush with anyone right? So, do not share your makeup products as well.


7. Blood And Bodily Fluids That Could Spread STDs:

Well, razors are used by men and though it is not a makeup product, even these shouldn't be shared. Razors can create minor cuts or wounds on the skin and create an environment for transmitting potentially dangerous diseases like hepatitis and HIV, if shared. This is regarded as one of the top dangers of sharing makeup essentials and tools.


8. Toenail Fungus Or Athlete's Foot:

Toenail clippers can carry fungus in them and when shared, they can lead to a disease like Athlete's foot as well. This is very difficult to treat. Further, if you accidentally cut your skin, it can lead to the risk of you getting hepatitis, if the tool is shared.

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