What Happens If You Share Your Beauty Products

By: Rima Chowdhury

Most of us believe that sharing is caring, and if you feel the same in the case of makeup products, you are mistaken. There are certain beauty products that you should avoid sharing.

Sharing is good, but you should make sure that you don't consider sharing your makeup products or other essentials with your friends. Sharing makeup products can lead to various types of infections on the skin and also lead to various other problems.

It may lead the germ from makeup product to get transformed on to your skin directly, thus leading to different diseases.

So, here, we mention to you some of the beauty products you should never share with your friends as they can be quite harmful when shared. Not even best friends are excused! Take a look.


1. Mascara

You should stay away from sharing mascaras with your friend because mascara is a high breeding ground for bacteria. It is all because you open the bottle, use the mascara and put it down again.

Within a few seconds of time, the bacteria can wreck your mascara. Apart from this, swapping mascara can lead to inflammation around the eye, and many of them believe that exchanging mascara can lead to itching and various other eye-related problems.

Eyes do not have layers of epidermis like the skin, and thus they are more vulnerable to genetic transmission of infections.

If you wear contact lenses, the condition with your eye can worsen because bacteria tend to react with your skin as well as the eye.


2. Lipsticks

Yes, you should avoid sharing lipsticks because it may lead to a transfer of germs. Swapping of lipstick can give rise to a contagious virus or bacterial attack that can cause cold sores or itchiness, which may affect your lips somehow.

Lips are a sensitive organ, and when you apply lipstick, the bacteria may travel through your bloodstream into the membranes of your mouth. Above all, the bacteria can breed on lipstick for many days, owing to its slippery surface.


3. Lip Balm

Jut like lipstick, lip balm may be highly contagious once you have shared it with someone. If you share your lip balm, it may lead to an infection or inflammation on the lips.

Just like lipstick, bacteria can breed up to a month on the tip of the balm, owing to a waxy surface. You should always keep your lip balm personal and avoid sharing it with anyone.


4. Lip Gloss

Because lip gloss has a gloomy and sticky formula, it may lead to breeding of bacteria on the surface of the product. Also, when you push up and down, the air from the mouth get's transferred, thus making it favourable for the bacteria to breed in.

Apart from skin problems, people exchanging lip gloss might also suffer from fever, cough, and cold.


5. Creams And Lotions

You should not blame your cream or body lotion for creating an itching sensation on your skin if you are obsessed with the sharing culture.

You should avoid sharing any body lotions, creams or serum because they have a water base, which becomes very easy for bacteria to stay in. You should wash your hands properly after you have used the beauty cream.

This is because when you dip your fingers again, it can lead to the transfer of bacteria from your hands to the cream. So, the possibility of lotion getting damaged continues if the practice of sharing continues. The more you share, the more it can ruin.


6. Pressed Foundation

It is believed that pressed foundation does not contain bacteria because it is parched and does not include water in it. However, the fact is compressed powder still contains bacteria, once you start sharing it with your friend.

Just one swap of contaminated brush or nasty sponge can infect the entire foundation. If you allow someone to use your pressed foundation, you are allowing your friend to dab it in using her dirty hands. All the bacteria can get transferred easily to the face through the use of dirty hands.


7. Makeup Brushes

Makeup brushes are highly contagious and hence you should make sure that you avoid sharing your makeup brushes with anyone.

Borrowing makeup brushes from your friend is a big no-no because it can lead to the transfer of bacteria. It may result in an infection, rashes, irritation or allergies on the skin.

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Story first published: Friday, October 7, 2016, 10:30 [IST]
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