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Why Should You Not Drink Water With Your Meals?

Posted By: Lekhaka

Drinking at least eight glasses of water every day is essential for the proper hydration of the body. In case of a hot climate or if the person exercises or runs in the hot sun, more intake of water is required. But is drinking water along with your food good for health? This is what we shall discuss in this article.

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You will get a good amount of water from the food you eat, although if you are not well hydrated, it might not be sufficient to help keep your bowels moving frequently. Water acts as a natural lubricant for intestine walls, helping fibre push waste from the body.

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Adding a bit more water to your diet is not a bad thing. Drinking during a meal helps you swallow, supports your digestion tract and makes you feel fuller and so you consume less. Drinking a glass of water right before a meal can in fact curb your appetite, reducing your likelihood of overindulging.


1. Dilutes Hydrochloric Acid:

But there are certain ill effects of drinking water during your meals. According to research, the stomach contains hydrochloric acid which is essential to break down the food that we eat. When you gulp down water along with your food, you end up diluting this hydrochloric acid. This causes problems in digestion as the food is not broken down properly.


2. Constipation:

Eventually, you may find yourself struggling with constipation. Insufficiency of water in the body can also cause fatigue.


3. Bloating & Indigestion:

This can also result in malabsorption, bloating and indigestion. So when should we drink water so that the food is digested properly?
According to experts, we should drink sufficient amount of water half an hour before our meals and one hour after meals. This enables the acid to digest the food properly and prevent the formation of gas, bloating and acidity. Also, you can take sips of water while eating, preferably warm water which will enable you to swallow the food properly.

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Story first published: Thursday, January 19, 2017, 22:00 [IST]
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