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What Your Food Cravings Are Actually Trying To Tell You

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It is rare for anybody to escape from some kind of food craving at any point of time. Yearning for donuts, candy or chips is something that any of us cannot escape from.

We have all experienced food cravings and they seem to come from nowhere.

It can be a bit too difficult to divert your mind from indulging in something sweet, salty, creamy, crunchy, carby or fried.

what food cravings tell you

Have you ever wondered why these weird cravings hit you out of nowhere.

Often when we crave for something unhealthy from time to time, it means that we are missing something from your diets.

More than that it can also indicate that there is some health issue that is actually plaguing you.

In this article we have mentioned what your food cravings tell you.

So, if you have been wondering what food cravings tell you, read on.


1. You're Getting A Migraine:

Craving for specific foods is typical of the first stage of migraine. Craving chocolate is especially common during this time.


2. You Have Pre-Diabetes Or Diabetes:

If you're craving liquids in order to quench your thirst, you need to get your blood glucose levels checked. Your body attempts to flush the excess glucose into urine, which means you'll have to pee more than often. This in turn can lead to dehydration.


3. You're Iron Deficient:

Craving for ice cubes is a clue that you have iron deficient anemia.


4. You're dehydrated:

If you have a serious craving for chips, then you might be dehydrated. When fluids and electrolytes go out of balance, you'll have a visceral response for a specific food or taste.


5. You're Sleep Deprived:

Too little sleep can stimulate cravings for junk food. Lack of slumber will give you a harder time making healthy choices and you'll only desire for going for something crazy. This tells you what food cravings tell you.

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6.You Eat The Same Meals Over And Over Again:

Craving for the same food again and again is indicative that you're not having enough nutritional meal.

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Story first published: Saturday, August 12, 2017, 9:30 [IST]
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