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What Happens If You Don't Use Your Manhood

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Just like the way your body loses its fitness levels and functional strength when you don't exercise regularly, your manhood may also lose its power to offer pleasure when you don't use it for years together.

Also, the risk of suffering certain health issues tends to increase in men who don't use their magic wands for prolonged periods of time.

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If that sounds funny to you, read on to know what happens if you don't let your partner touch your pants for too long....


Risk #1

The risk of suffering from prostate cancer increases in men who have inactive love lives. Health experts suggest frequent ejaculations to diminish the chances of suffering prostate cancer by at least 19%!


Risk #2

An erection sends fresh blood to the privates. This will bring more oxygen and helps in maintaining the organ in a healthy way. So, if you seldom let it become hard, your organ may be deprived of good circulation benefits.


Risk #3

Absence of activity in the pants may also gradually increase the chances of slipping into depression after the age of 45. This is the reason why men may need to lead an active life physically and romantically too.

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Risk #4

Nocturnal emissions (ejaculating during sleep) might increase in men who don't ejaculate enough. Maybe, the body finds its own outlet to release its tension!


Risk #5

Men who seldom use their manhood are at a higher risk of suffering from erectile issues. Yes, even privates need activity to stay fit and regular lovemaking can help the manhood stay in shape.


Risk #6

When the blood flow to the private parts is inadequate for a long time, it might also show an effect on the size of the organ!


Risk #7

Even libido may take a blow. Gradually, your desire to enjoy the beauty of life may diminish.

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Risk #8

Also, men who don't engage in frequent lovemaking also tend to lose their healthy shape fast (especially if they don't exercise regularly).

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