Weird Thoughts/Myths Around Menstrual Cups Busted!

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Yeah, there are certain weird thoughts related to the usage of menstrual cups. Don't worry, you're not alone. Each and every woman out there might have a bevy of doubts and confusions related to menstrual cups.

This article is your all-in-all for all your doubts on menstrual cups. A menstrual cup is inserted into your vagina and this will catch the flow during your periods cycle. If you do not know how to use a menstrual cup, then you better read this article fully, before knowing about the various myths related to it.

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Firstly, after your hands on a menstrual cup, fold it, so as to insert it comfortably. You can either go for a c-fold or push one end of the cup inwards to insert it. I would say the latter one is more comfortable, as the c-fold is quiet painful while inserting.

Knowing how to use menstrual cups is important, as you shouldn't end up hurting yourself. No, we aren't scaring you. This isn't much of a big deal until you're familiar with the right method of insertion.

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Now that you have got an idea on how to use a menstrual cup, let's start busting the myths one by one.


1. Don't Pee With The Cup Inside:

There were certain cases, where a girl removed her cup each time she wanted to hit the washroom. If you're one of those who keeps asking, "can I pee with a menstrual cup in", then read further. Your vagina has a different opening and is separated from the urethra, through which you pee. Hence, there is absolutely no problem to do your business with the cup in.


2. What If The Blood Flows Back Into The Uterus:

Your cervix has a very tiny hole and it allows the blood only to come out of the uterus and not go the other way. So, that part is clear!


3. The Cup Will Get Lost Inside:

The cup will never get lost inside because there is no space for it to get lost. The tiny hole of the cervix will not permit it to move inside. But it might move a couple of inches higher, but you can bring it down by contracting your vaginal muscles. So, if your question is, "can a menstrual cup get stuck inside", the answer is NO.


4. You Will No Longer Be A Virgin:

Virginity can only be lost through intercourse and not a menstrual cup! It might hamper with the hymen, as it might be a tad too tough to insert the cup with the hymen intact. Seriously girls, are you still so concerned about the hymen? Then, you must actually stop other activities like sports and yoga as well.


5. Bigger Cups Post 30:

This isn't always the case. But younger girls tend to have narrower vagina when compared to mothers or older women. However, the size of the cup mainly depends on the built of the body and the number of natural births. Now that you know how to use a menstrual cup, it wouldn't be a problem, no matter what the size.


6. Always Sterilize The Cups:

Some of the user manuals of menstrual cups might instruct you to always sterilize the cup after the first and the last use. This is to prevent infections, but you can also consider washing it with a mild soap and water as well. Do you always boil everything that goes into the vagina? It's the same with the cups as well. However, make sure your hands are clean while handling the cup.


7. Vaginal Wash And Cups:

Have you ever wondered why your cups smelt bad? It is because of the wrong kind of product that you use to clean it. Make sure that it has a pH value between 3.5 and 5.5, as it shouldn't form a film around the cup and affect it.


8. One Size For All:

Now that you know how to use a menstrual cup and you and your friend decide to buy them together, you'll be in for a shock if you realise that it fits well for your friend and not for you. Nothing to worry, as the cup is just not your size.

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Story first published: Wednesday, January 4, 2017, 17:30 [IST]
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