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Every Woman Should Undergo These Tests Before She Turns 30

By Sripriya Satish

Being vigilant about health, especially for women, is very much necessary in every stage of life.

The modern-day superwomen have to juggle many jobs in life and are expected to be perfect in every sphere of work.

Be it home or the workplace, the ever-increasing work pressure on women can take a toll on their health.

Regular health check-ups are crucial for them especially before they reach the age of 30, when they are most susceptible to many dangerous diseases.

Detecting the early signs of major ailments will go a long way in reducing the cost and energy required for the treatment of the illness.

We at Boldsky, have listed some of the important tests which every woman should undergo so that they can lead a happy and healthy lifestyle.


Pap Smear Test:

This is a screening test done to detect cervical cancer. The cervix is the lower part of the womb situated above the vagina. The result of a Pap smear test can reveal the presence of any cancerous cells situated in the cervix. The early detection of the abnormal growth of cells due to cancer can lead to their effective treatment.

The test lasts for about 5 minutes. Normally, women should undergo this test when they reach the age of 21 and once every 3 years from there on. Cervical cancer, being a major threat to a woman's life, can, of course, be treated and averted at the early stages, if Pap smear tests are done regularly.



This is a test done for the detection of breast cancer. This test is nothing but an X-ray of the breasts. Any signs of lumps or abnormal bulges can easily be detected by this screening. This test should be taken regularly, in the gap of 2 to 3 years, for the women in the age group of 20 to 40.


Blood Pressure:

More women than men are affected by serious heart ailments and high blood pressure because of the modern trend of the ever-increasing workload on them in various spheres of life.

An alarming figure of over 75 million women are affected by increased blood pressure. It is better to check your blood pressure in your early 20's to avoid heart attacks and strokes.



Screening of cholesterol tests is very important to every individual, be it man or women. It is a must for women, who have crossed 25 years of age, to undergo cholesterol tests regularly to avert many heart-related ailments.

Loss of vision, kidney failure, brain stroke, heart attacks, etc. are the most common outcomes, if the cholesterol levels are out of control.


Blood Glucose:

Blood glucose tests are done to detect diabetes. Diabetes is a slow body killer in the sense that it can affect vision, kidneys and your legs- they might also get amputated if necessary. This test should be taken by every woman who is in her late 20's to check for prediabetes and diabetes.

If there is a family history of diabetes, then there are a lot of chances for an individual to contract this disease. By taking these tests at a very early stage of life a lot of problems due to diabetes can be avoided.


Thyroid Test:

This test checks the levels of thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). High levels of TSH indicate hypothyroidism and low levels indicate hyperthyroidism. Low levels of TSH can cause weight gain, fatigue, dry skin and brittle nails while high levels of TSH may lead to insomnia and weight loss. It is better to check the thyroid levels once in every five years.

The knowledge of why the above tests are taken can go a long way in improving a woman's lifestyle. As the saying goes, ‘prevention is better than cure'. It is high time women become vigilant about the possible health risks that they might acquire at any stage during their lives, if proper precautions are not taken.

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