10 Resolutions For This Year That Will Bring The Best Of Your Health

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We welcome the New Year with all pomp and show and, at the same time, many of us make it a point to come up with new-year resolutions too. And yes, most of these revolve around "being healthy".

Some of us take the resolutions seriously and end up achieving them, while some others just bid farewell to them within a month or two.

So, if your resolution is being healthy, it is important to EAT HEALTHY. We'd say, opt for foods like oats, fibre-rich greens, etc. to walk a step closer to your goal. Also, listed below are significant new-year resolutions to follow this 2017, read along.

Hitting the gym At least 5 Times In A Week

#Resolution 1: Hitting the gym At least 5 Times In A Week:

The reason why people fail to hit the gym on a daily basis is lack of time. The best alternative to morning workout could be doing it in the evening and switching between morning and evening sessions to get going with the fitness regime.

Restricting Office Work To Office Alone

#Resolution 2: Restricting Office Work To Office Alone:

Yes, this is the new mantra of being fit. The only factor to keep in mind is to be productive while at work and make the best use of the 9-6 time slot. Make sure not to carry your work home, instead devote yourself to health goals.

Learn To Smile More Often:

#Resolution 3: Learn To Smile More Often:

Laughter is the best dose of medicine. Find ways to socialise among jovial people and do "smile more often". This is one new-year resolution you definitely should not forget to follow.

Get More Quality

#Resolution 4: Get More Quality & Uninterrupted Sleep

It is ideal to sleep early and wake up early; however, with the daily chores if that is not possible, it is best you get quality and uninterrupted 7-8 hours of sleep.

Switch Eating Junk with Eating Something Tasty

#Resolution 5: Switch Eating Junk with Eating Something Tasty & Healthy Like Oats

This is one fitness secret all Health gurus swear by. Replace the oily, spicy junk foods with something more nutritious and fibre-rich like Horlicks oats which helps you manage your weight as well. It makes for a perfect healthy food, which can be tweaked as per one's preference and can be cooked in just 5 minutes.

Watch Less Of TV

#Resolution 6: Watch Less Of TV & Instead Go For Small Strolls Or Walk

Being a couch potato may sound highly relaxing, but you got to stop being one. If being healthy is what you're aiming at, then get up and walk around more, go on for small strolls.

Start Saving Money

#Resolution 7: Start Saving Money For A Rainy Day, Pick Up A Hobby

Instead of splurging huge amount of money on shopping, we'd suggest you start saving it and find ideas on how you could use that in being fit. You could also pick up hobbies like dance, gardening, etc., and use them to help you be in shape.

Lose Weight

#Resolution 8: Lose Weight - Not At Once, But Gradually:

Not all body types are the same and hence, you need to remember to lose weight gradually and not all at once. Healthy losing of weight is what you should target at.

Quit Smoking

#Resolution 9: Quit Smoking:

This is one vice we just cannot accept. Take the help of your near and dear ones to accomplish this major task. Remember, when fitness goals are on your mind, these distractions should not pull you down.

ut Down On Alcohol Consumption

#Resolution 10: Cut Down On Alcohol Consumption & Get Healthy:

Make yourself an occasional drinker. You could replace alcohol with healthier options like fruit juices, water, etc. This may not sound as fun, but what's fun without being healthy.
Hence, make it a point to stick to these new-year resolutions and welcome a healthy and happy life!

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