Symptoms Of High Blood Pressure That You Must Observe

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The symptoms of high blood pressure are something that you need to be wary of, as high BP is a silent killer that can cause damage to the body systems.

Hence, it is mandatory that you must look out for the signs of high blood pressure. The notable symptoms of high blood pressure aren't actually easy to note initially.

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A person with high blood pressure will face other problems and that will only make them realise that they have high BP. This article will help you in observing such silent signs and symptoms of high BP.

People with a family history of high blood pressure must go for regular check-ups, so as to avert any consequences before it is too late.

Blood pressure is the force with which the blood is pushed against the wall of the arteries. When the pressure is high, it is termed as systolic blood pressure and when the pressure is low, it is called diastolic blood pressure.

You must always keep a tab on the signs of high blood pressure because late diagnosis may lead to conditions like thyroid problems, kidney disease, abnormalities in arteries, sudden heart attack, sleep apnoea or narrowing of the arteries in heart.

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So, continue reading to find out the signs and symptoms of high blood pressure that you must carefully note.


1. Severe Headache:

If you keep experiencing quite unusual headaches often, then it is best not to ignore these and go for a check-up immediately. Taking frequent painkillers and curbing the pain is only a short-term relief.


2. Fatigue:

Frequent feeling of fatigue and tiredness is a part of the signs of high blood pressure that you must observe and get checked once you experience it too often.


3. Vision Problems:

All of a sudden, you might suffer from a blurred vision and may be unable to see objects, unlike before. This is also said to be one of the top symptoms of high BP.


4. Chest Pain:

This is one of the dangerous symptoms of high blood pressure. If ignored for a long time, it may also lead to conditions like sudden heart attack.


5. Breathing Difficulty:

You might find it difficult to breathe after doing simple tasks, which you might have not felt before. Breathlessness is therefore a very important sign to show the chances of high BP.


6. Irregular Heartbeat:

High blood pressure will surely lead to conditions like irregularities in the heartbeat, and it is better to be conscious of these conditions.


7. Blood In Urine:

This is also regarded as one of the top most dangerous forms of symptoms of high BP, which usually occurs when it is quite late to identify the condition. Immediate consultation with the doctor is necessary in this case.

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