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Skin Conditions That Actually Signal Other Health Problems

By Sravia Sivaram

Itchy, irritated or inflamed skin is a big no-no! More than a hindrance to your appearance, your skin troubles could actually indicate other health problems.

In many cases, skin conditions are linked to processes occurring throughout the body. This can turn out to be like a risk factor that sets you up for other types of illnesses or injuries.

The connections are something that the patients should never ignore or overlook.

The skin is known to be a window into a person's well-being. This is because it can carry clues about the health of the other organs.

Skin discolouration or a new growth can be a sign of a more serious and underlying health problem.

A handful of skin changes have been commonly associated with internal diseases.

A few weeks of these skin-related changes is alright, but if it is persistent beyond that, it is mandatory that you consult the doctor.

In this article, we have mentioned some of the skin diseases that can indicate underlying health conditions. Read further to know about the conditions that indicate health issues.


1. Eczema:

This is a chronic inflammatory condition that is known for causing red, itchy patches on the skin that has been linked to problems like sleep disturbances, joint problems and other injuries. This is one of the diseases that can cause skin rashes.


2. Psoriasis:

This is an autoimmune disorder, in which the cells multiply too quickly and form shiny scales on the skin's surface. Psoriasis often occurs along with arthritis or other joint diseases, in particular psoriatic arthritis.


3. Stasis Dermatitis:

This is a darkening or discolouration of the skin on the legs and ankles caused by varicose veins or any other circulatory problem. Stasis dermatitis can be a symptom of underlying diabetes and its effects on the body's circulatory system.


4. Vitiligo:

People suffering from vitiligo have symptoms that cause white spots that appear on the face and body. The symptoms can get worse when they are under stress.


5. Rashes And Patches On The Skin:

A rash that does not respond to a treatment is accompanied by other symptoms like fever, joint pain and muscle ache. This could be a sign of an internal problem or infection.


6. Bronzing Of The Skin & Other Discolouration:

In people with diabetes, bronzing of the skin can be a sign of issues with iron metabolism. Yellowing of the skin, on the other hand, signals liver failure and may occur along with yellowing of the white of the eyes.


7. New Growths:

People with new growths should always have them looked over by a doctor. This could be a sign of skin cancer, also a sign of some internal disease or a genetic disease. This is one of the diseases that causes rashes in adults.


8. Nail Changes:

Changes in the colour or the shape of the nails can be a sign of deficiency or organ system issues. This is also one of the conditions that indicates health issues.

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