9 Tricks That Will Help You Get Off A Hangover

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Hangover is something that all drinkers cannot escape from, no matter how strong they are. Hangover is caused by the chemicals left behind in your body when the body metabolises alcohol, coupled with dehydration.

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There are no proper cures as such for hangovers, but there exist certain methods to get rid of a hangover. Several studies were conducted in the past to find out some of the effective cures, so as to know how to get rid of a hangover fast.

However, the tests were only successful to find out home remedies for hangover, nausea, etc., and not for a proper cure as such. This article will present you with 9 easy tricks and methods to get rid of a hangover.

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The tricks mentioned here are definitely worth a try, and we are sure you will no longer fall asleep right on the couch, right after coming home.

Continue reading to know more about the methods to get rid of a hangover.


1. Eating Asparagus:

As per a recent study, it was found that asparagus contains amino acids and minerals that protect the liver cells. Eating asparagus before going for your shots will increase the dietary fibre and Vitamin A and C levels in your body. This reduces the dizziness, the next morning.


2. Drinking Lime-Flavoured Soft Drink:

While the alcohol is being digested by the body, it converts ethanol into acetaldehyde. This causes the splitting headache that you experience the next morning. It is believed that lime-flavoured soft drink will help break down this acetaldehyde and thus reduce the aftermath of your booze.


3. Foods Rich In Vitamin B:

Vitamin B helps break down the alcohol and also heals the nerve damage. Taking vitamin supplements before and after a night out will help you.


4. Choose Your Booze With Caution:

As per a study, it was found that dark liquors are said to cause really bad hangovers. This is because they contain fermentation byproducts known as congeners.


5. Hydration Helps:

Drinking alcohol must always be compensated with a lot of water, as you tend to pee more. You tend to lose a lot of electrolytes in the process, hence it is always recommended to go high on your water content.


6. Oxygen:

Always select a drink that contains more amount of dissolved oxygen, as it helps you recover quickly. Oxygen aids the liver to break down alcohol. It also helps to destroy the toxins that create hangover.


7. Drink Fruit Juice:

One of the best remedies for a hangover headache is to drink fresh fruit juice. It contains vitamins, minerals and fructose and gives you enough energy to go about your day without giving you any bad headache.


8. Cereal Bowl:

Having a bowl of fortified whole grain cereal will provide enough energy to the body and is considered to be the best breakfast options after a wild party, the previous night.


9. Ginger Tea:

Ginger tea is known to suppress the nausea and vomiting that you get after a very 'high' night.

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