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    Making Love At Least Twice A Week Can Prevent This Deadly Condition In Men!

    By Chandana Rao

    Every living being is born with certain primal instincts that are built within their psyche to help them function and continue their progeny.

    Hunger, thirst, self-preservation (survival instinct) and sexual needs are some of the most basic or primal instincts that every living animal has, including human beings.

    Our primal needs have to be met, otherwise it could lead to the deterioration of our mental and physical health.

    For example, if we do not provide the right kind of food to our body, then, we will not have the energy to perform daily activities and we may also suffer from malnutrition.

    health benefits of sex

    When we do not drink enough water, when we are thirsty, we will suffer from dehydration and it could lead to fatal consequences.

    Similarly, even when we deprive our body of sexual intercourse, we may suffer from a lot of negative consequences.

    Now, most humans have the urge to indulge in sexual intercourse, right from the onset of puberty till the time our life ends!

    When people do not get to indulge in regular sexual intercourse, after a certain age, it could lead to a lot of mental frustration, depression, self-confidence issues, etc.

    In fact, lack of a healthy sex life can also lead to certain physiological ailments like erectile dysfunction in men and frigidity in women, where a person is unable to get aroused to indulge in sexual intercourse.

    So, it is clear that having a healthy sex life is very important for your overall health and well-being.

    A recent research study has found that when men indulge in sexual intercourse at least 2 times a week, it could prevent heart attacks!

    Yes! Find out how and why, in this article.

    Link Between Regular Sex & Prevention Of Heart Attacks

    Now, most of us would know what a heart attack is, right? The mere term can scare us to quite an extent.

    Heart attacks are so common these days, especially among men above the age of 60 years; however, it can also affect women. This is a fatal condition in which a person could lose his/her life in an instant.

    When there is a constriction or a blood clot that is formed in the arteries which carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the other parts of the body, it could lead to the heart to pump blood at a faster rate, causing it to stop; this condition is called as a cardiac arrest, or a heart attack.

    Some of the main causes for a heart attack are high blood pressure, high cholesterol, unhealthy diet, lack of exercise, smoking, excessive alcohol drinking, etc.

    Now, a recent research study published in the American Journal Of Cardiology says that men who have sex at least more than 2 times a week and ejaculate could reduce their heart attack risk by a whopping 45%!

    The study further says that a healthy sex life can reduce the cortisol hormones in the body, thus reducing stress and high blood pressure, which in turn reduces the chances of heart ailments, including heart attacks.

    So, in conclusion, having regular sex can keep a man's heart healthy going good for a longer period of time!

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    Story first published: Tuesday, November 21, 2017, 17:30 [IST]
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