Avoid These Foods To Prevent Hypertension (High Blood Pressure)

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Hypertension is a silent killer. High blood pressure is becoming one of the most common reasons for heart attack and stroke.

Force of the blood against the blood vessel walls is what we measure as blood pressure. This is measured as systolic pressure and diastolic pressure. Normal blood pressure of an adult is 120/80 mmHg.

In most people, hypertension is diagnosed during any routine investigation. It is difficult to identify hypertension with symptoms.

hypertension prevention

Once diagnosed with hypertension, you will have to be very careful in keeping it under control. The best thing is to prevent hypertension.

Hypertension is a controllable disease that can be managed by making minor changes in your diet plan and lifestyle. We have also listed a diet for those suffering from hypertension. Click here.

There are many foods that you should avoid to prevent hypertension. If you have a family history of hypertension, you have to take extra care to prevent it. Avoiding foods that will cause hypertension will help you to a great extent.

Unfortunately, most of the foods that cause hypertension are your favourites. The reason is the added flavours and tastemakers that are not actually good for your health.

On this World Hypertension Day, we have listed certain foods that need to be avoided in order to prevent hypertension.



Pickle is one of the major culprits for hypertension in early ages. Since pickles have a high concentration of salt, it is recommended to avoid or limit its use. Pickle is in the top list of foods to be avoided to prevent hypertension.


Baked Products

Baked food items contain high concentration of added salt or sodium. This is used extensively in baked foods to improve the taste. If you are looking forward to taking precaution against high blood pressure, avoid baked products.


Cakes And Pastries

Don't think that cake has only sugar. Eating too much of cake, pastries and cookies can lead to high blood pressure. There are many products that use a particular ratio of salt and sugar to enhance taste. This will increase your chance of suffering from hypertension.



Your happy hours can put you under high risk of getting high blood pressure. Alcohol will damage the blood vessels and will increase the intensity of associated complications. Taking fried food along with alcohol is even more dangerous. So stay away from alcohol.


Processed Foods

Most of the processed foods have high amount of salt. Salt is a good preservative agent and this makes it an essential ingredient of processed food. This makes processed foods one among the foods to avoid to prevent hypertension.


French Fries

French fries are the most popular fast food. But, remember that this is a high source of fat and sodium. The combined action of these two will increase your risk of getting high blood pressure. Avoid giving French fries to children also.


All Salty Dishes

Salt is something that will directly act on your blood pressure. Too much of salt will increase the water absorption, which will thereby increase the pressure of blood on the blood vessels. So, it is important to reduce the intake of all types of salty foods.


Canned Soups

Don't get misguided seeing the vegetable contents of processed soups. This contains more of salt and preservatives. Taking a cup of processed soup may save your time of cooking, but ultimately this is going to have a serious effect on your blood pressure management.

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