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    Attention Men! Here Are The Early Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer

    By Sravia Sivaram

    Being aware of what testicular cancer is could work as the key to diagnosing this disease and treating it at the earliest.

    Often, a small lump on the testicle or an enlarged testicle is the first symptom of testicular cancer. Any enlargement, lump, hardness, tenderness or pain in the testicle should be evaluated as soon as possible.

    Attention Men! Here Are The Early Symptoms Of Testicular Cancer

    Here, we have listed out the early symptoms of testicular cancer that you and other men can suffer from.

    If you're suffering from any of these symptoms, then you need to see a doctor at the earliest.

    Testicular cancer is a deadly disease that is curable even if it is metastatic. It only accounts for 1.2% of all cases of cancer in men. This cancer often develops in either one of the two testicles.

    Early Symptoms of Testicular Cancer


    1. Backache And Stomach Ache:

    Stomach ache or pain in other body parts like the back can be one of the advanced testicular cancer symptoms. Studies have shown that the enlarged lymph nodes as well as the spreading of cancer to the liver may result in liver pain.


    2. A Painless Lump In The Testicle:

    A painless lump in the testicle is one of the common testicular cancer symptoms. It could be of a size of a marble or pea and can also grow larger than that.


    3. A Heaviness In The Scrotum:

    Scrotum heaviness is one of the early symptoms of testicular cancer. Heaviness or pain in the scrotum is something that you must never ignore. This is one of the early symptoms of testicular cancer.


    4. Fluid In The Scrotum:

    It is normal for fluid to be in the scrotum. You should pay attention to the fluid that lasts for more than 7 days. Studies have shown that a sudden gathering of fluid can be a reaction for a testicular tumour.


    5. The Nipples Can Turn Tender:

    Men with testicular cancer symptoms can also have nipple tenderness or even an outgrowth. A tumour in the testicle can produce a protein that can lead to reactions in men's nipples.


    6. Changing Shape Of The Testicle:

    One of the early symptoms of testicular cancer is the change in testicle's shape. Further, if you see some unusual bloating or swelling in a testicle, you must see a doctor.


    7. Blood Clots:

    Shortness of breath and the swelling of legs caused by a blood clot can be related symptoms. A blood clot in the vein is called DVT or deep venous thrombosis. For some men, having a blood clot may be one of the early testicular cancer symptoms. This is one of the early symptoms of testicular cancer.


    8. Infection:

    The testicular infection is called orchitis. If you get an infection in the testicles, then you must immediately get it checked at the earliest.

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