Best Tips To Stay Cool And Healthy This Summer!

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The chilly winter months have finally bid us goodbye and the sunny summer season is now here!

Summer means, getting out short, cotton outfits on, going on cooling swims, sipping on cool drinks, etc., right?

That being said, the flip side to the summer season, especially in tropical countries like India, is the scorching heat!

Yes, the Indian summers can be so hot, in many of the states, that people find it rather unbearable!

Also, since there is a sudden shift in temperature from cold to hot, people tend to fall sick, especially at the beginning of summers.

At the onset of winters, people take precautions to avoid getting cold and flu, by keeping themselves warm and drinking hot, herbal drinks, right?

Similarly, even during the summers, it is very much necessary to take certain precautions to remain healthy, at the onset of the season itself!

So, here are a few tips that you can follow now, in order to remain cool and healthy, this summer.


Tip #1

Ensure that you apply your sunscreen product, even when you are indoors, during the summer, as the UV radiations can cause sunburns and even skin cancer.


Tip #2

During the summer months, make sure that you drink at least 3 litres of water per day, as your body tends to get dehydrated soon due to the heat.


Tip #3

Add a lot of fresh fruit and vegetable to your daily diet, make sure that you eat a healthy salad, at least once a day, as salads prevent dehydration.


Tip #4

Avoid consuming foods that are extremely spicy or hot, especially during the day time, as these foods can incrase body heat and cause digestive issues.


Tip #5

It is important not to skip breakfast, especially during the summers, as a healthy breakfast will keep you energised throughout the day and prevent heat strokes.


Tip #6

Avoid drinking excess alcohol during the summers, as alcohol can also increase body heat, which is not a healthy thing during the summers.


Tip #7

Keep sipping on drinks rich in electrolytes, such as lime juice, ORS solution, etc., to keep dehydration at bay.

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Story first published: Monday, March 20, 2017, 15:40 [IST]
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